Research Assistantship Positions

Below are the Research Assistantships (RA) positions available for the 2013-2014 academic year.  You will need to submit an application for EACH position you are applying for.  Please only apply for those positions that you are qualified for.  Make sure that you put the position number you are applying for on each application.

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Position Number: Supervisor

RA-15: Patricia Abels, D.B.A., CPA Associate Professor of Business, Chair of the MBA & Non-Traditional Degree Completion Programs
Description: (Part-Time position) RA will assist in preparing publications and manuscripts in proper style for submission, exploring gateways for dissemination of research and funding sources for research activities, exploring existing research and prepare reviews and synthesis of the (pertinent) literature. Other duties include developing models for data collection, data entry and data analysis, report writing and report presentation; generation of presentation graphics. Gathering and entering study data into SPSS or other software and possible preparation of a web site for sharing my research and findings. 

RA-18:  Andrea Mata, Psychology 
Description: (Part-Time position) RA will serve as coordinator of the Mata Research Lab. Duties include assisting with manuscripts, American Psychology Foundation grant submissions, presenting research studies at national and regional conferences, managing and using two large national datasets along with three other smaller datasets, and maintain research article database by conducting monthly journal checks. RA will also provide preliminary assistance in the Research Lab.

RA-19: Shankar Lanke, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Description: (Part-Time position) RA will build datasets for Pop PK analysis and use NCA analysis to estimate the initial parameters. PK methodologies such as Naive pooled data analysis, standard two-stage, nonlinear mixed effects modeling approaches. RA will use the analysis to perform error diagnosis, model checking, refinement and evaluations. Student may also assist in performance of various sterile and non-sterile compounding exercises to demonstrate compounding techniques to PHAR 361, 362 and 363 students. Specific Qualifications: Must have sound knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Calculus and Algebra. Student must have a prior bachelor's degree in Pharmacy or in P5 pharmacy.

RA-23: Rahul Khupse, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Science
Description: (Part-Time position) RA will search literature for synthesis and activity of compounds using databases like Pub-Med and Sci-Finder. RA will also set-up reactions and monitor the progress of reactions using the Thin Layer Chromatography and Mass spectrometry, perform NMR analysis and interpret spectra, assist in setting up anti-bacterial assays, and maintain clean and safe organic chemistry laboratory.

RA-39: Jennifer Fennema-Bloom, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of TESOL and Bilingual Education, Director of the MA TESOL Program Erin Laverick, Ph.D. Director, IELP Director, IELP and Associate Professor of English as an International Language
Description: (Part-Time position) RA will be responsible for assisting in revising and managing IELP curriculum material, analyzing IELP assessment and retention data, and updating the IELP and TESOL webpages when necessary. The RA will also track TESOL MA and endorsement candidates and upload necessary materials to a database, and conduct ongoing research for NCATE and TESOL affiliated standards. Assist with TESOL program retention and alumni outreach and to support community outreach projects.

RA-17: Tricia Valasek Grants Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs and Professional Services
Description: (Part -Time position) To assist the director in locating funding sources for specific projects designated by faculty/staff; keep current database of identified and reviewed funding sources; maintain individual files of funding sources, including guidelines, examples of funded projects, ect.; supports Grant Manager in compiling information necessary to complete applications; arranges for copying and mailing proposals; acts as a member of project development team when asked by Grants Manager; aids in marketing grants program to faculty/staff- creates flyers, newsletters, ect.

Specific Qualifications: Strong language and computer skills necessary. Ability to read and interpret documents such as requests for proposals and Foundation guidelines; ability to proofread and edit documents. Experience with utilizing software tools and internet search engines; knowledge of Microsoft OfficeSuite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) and database applications.

RA-21: Chris S. Ward, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Business and Director of Experiential Learning, Student Engagement and Community Outreach, Chair of Business Administration Programs Dan A. Yates, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Business, Chair of the Quantitative Programs
Description: (Part -Time position) RA will conduct literature review and expand a current database (in SPSS) to run statistical tests. RA will assist in the content and development of research and the collection of data, analysis, reporting, and disseminate information. RA will also help to develop workshops with the TLTC to enhance skills based on observed needs and mentor students.

RA-20: Arindam Basu Sarkar, Ph.D. Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences
Description: (Part-Time position) RA will provide support in the completion of several research projects through operating analytical instruments and equipment, generation and interpretation of data, performing laboratory experiments, and carrying out literature research.

RA-16: M. Chandra Sekar, Ph.D Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Description: (Part-Time position) RA will be expected perform the following techniques: Cell culture, High pressure liquid chromatography, Thin Layer liquid chromatography, NMR, Mass Spectrophotometer, Colorimetric assay of inositol and phosphate. Student selected for this RA position should be motivated and have familiarity in chromatographic and analytical techniques. While expertise in NMR and Mass Spectroscopy will be desired, applicant will be trained in these techniques, if need be.

Specific Qualifications: Academic training will require an undergraduate degree in life sciences or at completed 4 year college courses that include advance courses in chemistry, biology and mathematics and basic knowledge of cell signaling and receptor pharmacology.

RA-37: Dr. Courtney Bates Assistant Professor of English
Description: (Part-Time position) RA will assist with work on project involving reader-author correspondence of Mark Twain. RA will orient to the project by reading My Dear Mark Twain: Letters from His Readers by R. Kent Rasmussen (2013), assist with the organization and transcription of hundreds of letters to Twain by his readers, tag key terms within the letters and cross-list related correspondence, and identify letters that appear both in the private archives and may have also been published by Twain family or his family or secretary in other public forums.

Specific Qualifications: Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing student preferred.

RA-22: Ryan Schneider, PharmD, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Science
Description: (Part-Time position) RA will be involved with scientific literature evaluation including the use of PubMed, principles of cell culture and aseptic technique, principles and procedures of western blotting, assay development and optimization. RA will also perform Data analysis and principles of statistical analysis for the appropriate representation of data.

RA-38: Dr. Nabarun Ghose, Professor of Marketing and Business
Description: (Part-Time Position) Assist supervisor with research and program and project development and execution. This includes, but is not limited to tutoring, library research, abstracting articles, creating and maintaining bibliographical records, database maintenance and creation, creation of promotional materials, making presentations, data collection and statistical analysis. Occasional domestic and international travel required. Assist with grant writing for funding from external sources. Assist with word processing, mailings, scanning, copying, assembling documents, filings, and other duties as determined or delegated by the supervisor. Confidentiality is of the up most!

Specific Qualifications: Has experience working with SPSS, online library research, eg. OHIOLINK, etc. Student will also need to be organized, punctual, and dependable. Can travel occasionally, if necessary. Prefer graduate students who can make a reasonable longer-term commitment of over one term.