​Look Beyond the Sticker Price​

The University of Findlay has one of the highest scholarship awards among private colleges in Ohio for transfer students! Merit scholarships are automatically renewed each year of undergraduate study. You won't have to apply each semester and we won't take it away if you have a less-than stellar​ semester. However, you must maintain good academic standing as a full time student for your scholarship to renew.

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Merit Scholarship Criteria

​GPA ​Merit Amount
​3.8 - 4.0 ​$14,500
​3.6 - 3.79 ​$13,500
​3.2 - 3.59 ​$12,500
​2.6 - 3.19 ​​$9,500

Our merit scholarships are based on your final cumulative GPA from ALL previous college-level institutions.  

Other Scholarship Opportunities for Transfer Students

For more information on merit scholarships, please contact Financial Aid at 1-800-548-0932, ext. 4791, or email questions to finaid@findlay.edu​