Course Information

​Course Number ​Title ​GE
HMGT120 Introduction to Hospitality Mgmt
This course is a survey of all sectors, segments, and disciplines of the hospitality and tourism industries. It addresses the economic impact of travel and tourism, and hospitality trends.
HMGT125 Dining Room Operations
Fundamentals of dining room service will be discussed, from etiquette to guest service. Time will be spent in an actual food service establishment in a serving position to understand the basic elements to full service dining room methods.
HMGT225 Food Production Management
Co-requisite: HMGT 225L This course provides a practical management approach to the terms, techniques, and principles of food preparation. Development of basic food preparation skills, understanding scientific principles relating to food, purchasing specifications, and factors affecting food evaluation are covered. Food safety certification: Attention is focused on food borne illnesses and methodologies of applying sanitary principles. Methods for training employees regarding food safety and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) are emphasized. The Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association provides certification to those students who earn a minimum grade on the comprehensive final exam.
HMGT225L Food Production Management Lab
Co-requisite: HMGT 225 Food principles discussed in class will be analyzed fully in the laboratory.
HMGT246 Principles of Meetings & Conv.
This course deals with the meetings and conventions industry, types of meeting and convention markets, and the mix of opportunities in selling to these different markets. Control variables in the marketing mix are discussed from the perspective of the hotelier and the meeting planner. The convention's operational process will be discussed from beginning to end.
HMGT285 Lodging Operations
Prerequisite: ACCT 220 or permission of the instructor This course offers a detailed look at lodging operations from a manager's perspective. It addresses the operation of various types of lodging properties, functional areas, and operational departments.
HMGT305 Club Management
This course is an introduction to the operation of types of private clubs, including city, country, military, and athletic clubs. Discussions include personnel practices, financing, cost controls (food, beverage, and labor), communications and public relations, marketing, sports, and security problems. There is at least one field trip to a local/area club.
HMGT317 Catering & Event Management
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor This course will prepare the participant to design, plan, market, and stage an event. There are a myriad of festivals, weddings, parties, celebratory and sporting events all requiring expert management. This course will explore these and other concepts through catering and event management. This course will also focus on group functions from the concept to operational production. The development and execution of a themed event(s) will take place as part of the student's grade.
HMGT325 Food & Beverage Management
Prerequisites: HMGT 225 and 225L Co-requisite: HMGT 325L This course examines the management of food and beverage operations. Topics include product knowledge, purchasing, and preparation and production of food products and beverages in hospitality operations.
HMGT325L Food & Beverage Management Lab
Co-requisite: HMGT 325 The laboratory experience includes quantity food preparation and provides the student the opportunity to work in each area of quantity production.
HMGT346 Hospitality Marketing & Sales
Prerequisite: MRKT 326 or permission of the instructor This course covers marketing in intangible people-intensive products and concepts with culturally diverse markets and work forces and use of creative marketing to develop and increase customer traffic. Industry specific projects will help the student understand the functions of the marketing and sales department/activities within the scope of the hospitality industry.
HMGT417 Beverage & Entertainment Mgmt
Prerequisites: BUAD 310, 320, HMGT 325 and senior standing or permission of the instructor. This course covers principles of modern beverage management. Students will study spirits and wines, writing beverage and entertainment policy according to legal standards of the state or municipality where operation occurs, licensing, production of a wine list, and cost controls. Special training on beverage service (national certified program) will also be included. Essentials of effective beverage management are taught and licensing issues are discussed. Entertainment contracting is another topic that will be covered.
HMGT425 Adv Food & Beverage Mgmt
Prerequisites: HMGT 225 and 325 Co-requisite: HMGT 425L This course develops an understanding of the underlying concepts and management skills necessary for the successful operation of a food service establishment.
HMGT425L Adv Food & Beverage Mgmt Lab
Co-requisite: HMGT 425 In this course students apply principles covered in class through planning and supervision of actual food service operation.
HMGT480 Seminar in Hospitality Mgmt
Prerequisites: HMGT 325, 346, and BUAD 320 This course covers a variety of special topics designed to test theories and practices learned in hospitality and general business education. Case studies and presentations enhance study. The team concept and group dynamics are developed and employed throughout the semester.
HMGT487 Service Hour Practicum
A student should register for one credit of service hour practicum as advised by their faculty adviser. This should correspond with one-third of the total service hours the hospitality major is required to complete over the course of the entire curriculum. Service hours are only conducted in department-approved operations and facilities. This course is repeatable for up to three semester hours.
HMGT499 Hospitality Mgmt Internship
Prerequisites: minimum 2.75 GPA and have earned a minimum of 30 semester hours at The University of Findlay This course involves a guided work-study experience with a cooperating organization approved and supervised by the Hospitality Management Program. Students will keep a detailed log of their work experience and will prepare a final report. This course will be graded S/U and may be repeated with a maximum of 12 semester hours applying toward a degree.