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​​Michele Derr


Business Management 

Derr gained additional business experience during an internship with Marathon Oil Co. in Atlanta, Ga. As a wholesale marketing intern, Derr was assigned approximately 15 wholesale Marathon customers, mostly mom-and-pop retail stores. She responded to questions and requests from each client, taking care of their day-to-day business needs. Derr also mapped out territories for managers to use in their travels and did some traveling of her own to Tampa, Fla., Charlotte, N.C., and Nashville, Tenn. 

As a three-year member of the women’s basketball team, Derr gained valuable life lessons. “Sports is one of the best ways to make you a hard worker and make you balance work, life and school,” said Derr, whose basketball career ended with a repeat knee injury. 


Derr is confident that her college experience has prepared her for a career. “College is when you learn what you want to do, and it’s about preparing you for life in general,” she said. “Business has prepared me for the working world. … When I was doing my internship, I felt comfortable. I was able to pick up on things quickly, and college has helped prepare me for that.” Marketing Club

She also utilized the tools and resources available to her at Findlay. “I’ve had a great experience here,” said Derr. “Everyone I’ve met was always willing to help me with anything I’ve needed. … The University does a lot more than most people realize.” 


Derr advises incoming freshmen to do some research and get some experience before selecting a major. She suggests job shadowing and finding an internship during the first couple of years in college. 


Casey Pritts 

Business management


Casey Pritts.jpgCasey Pritts came to The University of Findlay with dreams of landing a job in Marketing. After graduation, she applied for a marketing position at Target but quickly found herself accepting a position as an Executive Team Leader of Human Resource for Target.  In fact, they were so happy with her that they asked "where can we get more people like you?"

She credits her success to her experiences at UF.  Casey expressed that her marketing skills have helped her with understanding the needs of different audiences.  Pritts indicated that her skills translate well in the field of Human Resources, "I work with a variety of different people from interviewing to helping individuals that are having difficulties; my internship experiences prepared me through the ability to tailor my message to each person based on the situation." Knowing SAP was also beneficial for her in this position.  Target is new to SAP and recently implemented the software.  Having learned it while at UF, Casey was able to assist in the training of personnel.  

Pritts also credits her internship experiences to building her skill set.  She said that "Many times you have to start at the bottom at an internship.  I appreciated the fact that I learned a lot and was able to get that experience under my belt before I graduated.  You start off at a better pace when you already have the 'grunt work' done." 

The faculty go out of their way to help students build a strong resume prior to graduation. Casey speaks highly of Dr. Chris Ward stating that she "can't begin to describe how much she has helped me.  She is someone I can aspire to be like, a true role model".