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BUAD025 Operations Mgmt Club
This club will function as a support for the operations degree.
BUAD049 Chapter of the Society for Human Resource
Membership in this chapter allows students to gain practical and first-hand knowledge and experience pertaining to the field of human resource management (HRM). This course enables students to participate in student HRM activities with professionals at the local, state, and national levels and allows students to gain additional HR skills and knowledge beyond what is taught in the classroom. Additionally, participants become student members of the Society for Human Resource Management, the international professional HR organization.
BUAD110 Introduction to Business
Prerequisite: freshmen and sophomores only or permission of the instructor. This course is a study of the basic precepts of business operations in our society, the various functions within a business enterprise, and an overview of the major problems facing American business today. (Not open to students who have taken any college-level business courses.)
BUAD150 Principles of Entrepreneurship
In this course, an analysis of the requirements of establishing a small business, along with selecting target market, customer file, site selection, purchasing strategies, and inventory control are covered. Additional issues faced by the operators of small businesses will also be discussed.
BUAD199 Organizational Leadership
This course deals with leadership theory, practice, and skills. The goal of the class is to enable students to understand the nature of leadership, personal leadership effectiveness, and interpersonal relationships. Communication skills are examined as well.
BUAD220 Principles of Management
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the fundamentals of all phases of administrative, staff, and activity-chain management. It also includes a study of best practices management principles and techniques.
BUAD240 Entrepreneurial Finance
Prerequisites: ACCT 221, BUAD 150. Financial issues pertinent to small businesses, including: fund raising, investment decisions, working capital, and financial statements are addressed in this course.
BUAD260 Business Mathematics
This course provides instruction in basic math computations with an emphasis on calculations related to business transactions. There is also an emphasis on the proper use of the basic elements of base, rate, and percentage in addition to the mathematics of merchandising, simple interest, and simple discount notes.
BUAD310 Bus. Law/Contracts/Neg. Instr.
This course introduces the laws that apply to businesses in the USA. Topics include the structure and operation of the American legal system, the basis of Constitutional law, ethics, criminal law, personal injury (torts), contracts and sale of goods, negotiable instruments, agency, and business organizations. Employment law, administrative law, the regulatory process, occupational safety and health, e-commerce, and real estate law will be covered. The course presents a basic overview of the concepts and terminology essential to understanding the field of business law.
BUAD311 Business Communications
Prerequisite: ENGL 106, 107, or 206. This course provides a study of the various types of communications in existence within American business today including written, spoken, and electronic media. Students will gain communications competence through class exercises using a number of communications media.
BUAD320 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Prerequisite: BUAD 220 or permission of instructor A review of the study of human behavior in organizations is explored and addressed. An organization's culture and structure are emphasized. Additionally, the nature of leadership will be addressed providing the students with an in-depth understanding of personal leadership effectiveness within an organization and the interpersonal relationships. Communication skills are also explored within the context of leadership along with application of best practices.
BUAD340 Operations & Production Mgmt
This course will give a general overall view of operations and production management. This course allows for a more focused course on key production issues. Subjects covered include: competitive advantage, quality management, basic principles of inventory, just-in-time inventory systems, job design, computer integration, and forecasting.
BUAD350 International Business
Prerequisite: BUAD 220. This course is a survey of the interrelationships of world business operations. It deals with the establishment of international business relationships, discusses the role of international relations in the American and world economies, introduces the perspectives of cultural, educational, political, and economic constraints, covers the international financial and trade theory frameworks, the functions of management and marketing as they relate to doing business globally, and discusses the problems and challenges facing the multinational corporation.
BUAD352 International Marketing
Prerequisite: MRKT 326. This course will cover the strategic aspects of marketing and decision making from an international perspective. Issues such as pricing, product, place, and promotion in a global marketplace will be stressed.
BUAD354 International Trade & Economics
Prerequisite: ECON 200. This course will include topics of a global nature such as the concepts of comparative advantage, the different barriers to trade and their effects on the economy, the mechanism of exchange rates and the balance of payments, the different trade blocs, and the multinational enterprise. Paper required.
BUAD390 Business Research
Prerequisite: MATH 123. This course teaches the technique of the research process as applied to all aspects of the business environment and business functions. The process of defining research problems; as well as collecting, analyzing, recording, and interpreting data is emphasized. Also, an analysis of pertinent literature and business databases is covered. Techniques of data mining are covered. The class covers exploratory, descriptive, relational, and causal approaches. The use of research design and the scientific method for business decision making is addressed. The integration of statistics and research is emphasized. An applied, experiential approach is used in teaching this class.
BUAD395 Seminar in Entrepreneurship
Prerequisite: BUAD 240. This course covers the entrepreneurial process. It analyzes and studies the process involved in accessing ideas, exploiting opportunities, gathering resources, and converting concepts into viable businesses. The development of a business plan will be culminating project for this course.
BUAD400 Human Resource Management
Prerequisite: BUAD 220 This course introduces the environment of human resources and management. It provides a framework for understanding and thinking strategically about employment relations and the management of human resources. Specific topics include: recruitment and selection; performance evaluation; compensation and benefits; promotion; job design; training; layoffs; retention and turnover; and the human resource implications of various strategies utilized in organizations.
BUAD410 Healthcare Management
Prerequisite: senior standing or instructor's permission This course introduces the integration of health care and management. The health care delivery system, analysis of operational activities, and essential managerial functions will be discussed. The organizational aspects and managerial approaches of delivering health care services within various institutional arrangements will be examined, as well as the management of resources, staff, and facilities, including techniques of analysis and evaluation with respect to managerial, financial, and strategic planning.
BUAD425 Designing and Staffing Organizations
Prerequisite: BUAD 400 This course discusses the effective design and management of successful staffing processes, and how organizations can plan, direct, control, and manage effective organizational staffing. Recruitment and selection methods currently used by organizations will be discussed and evaluated. The legal aspects of staffing issues will also be covered in specific detail, as well as human resource planning, job analysis, and the reliability and validity of employee assessment methods.
BUAD430 Compensation Systems Design
Prerequisite: BUAD 400 This course provides an in-depth examination of the strategic and operative practices of compensation system design and administration. The course covers the traditional and contemporary practices of compensation management, including benefit management.
BUAD435 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Techniques
This course focuses on all facets of supply chain management including customer service, business-to-business e-commerce, location analysis, and just-in-time inventory systems. This course will cover the management of commercial air, truck, rail, and water transportation, including the history of transportation, regulation, Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, tariffs, hazardous materials handling, routing, and warehousing.
BUAD440 Quality Management Techniques
This course is a managerial survey of quality tools such as statistical process control, six sigma, quality function deployment, and the Baldrige criteria. International standards such ISO 9000 and applications to the field will be reviewed. Specific industrial tools such as control charts, process capability, experimental design, and quality auditing will be covered as well. The course will also include extensive lab work using statistical process control and experimental design software.
BUAD492 Business and Society
Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. This course is a critical investigation of the role of business in today's society. Specific emphasis is placed on the "stakeholder concept," ethical and moral management and decision making, and the concepts of corporate social responsibility. Contemporary cases and issues will be investigated and discussed.
BUAD493 Business Policy/Strategic Manag
Prerequisite: 24 hours in business and economics and second semester junior or senior class standing. This is a business "capstone" course that is intended to integrate concepts acquired in numerous business courses. It provides an investigation into the overall aspects of how a business integrates strategic decision making, policy determination, and strategic management. The focus will be on how firms formulate, implement, and evaluate strategies. Case methods will be used where applicable.
BUAD494 Operations/Logistics Internship
Prerequisites: minimum 2.75 GPA and have earned a minimum of 30 semester hours at The University of Findlay A one-semester work experience with a cooperating business firm supervised by the business administration faculty. Details available from the program director/department chair, the business intern adviser, or the Office of Internships and Placement. This course will be graded S/U and may be repeated with a maximum of 15 semester hours applying toward a degree.
BUAD495 Seminar in Business Admin.
Prerequisite: eight courses in business and economics Special studies and research in the student's major are investigated. This course is open for individual or seminar group work.
BUAD496 Special Topics in International Business
Prerequisite: four core courses or permission of the instructor. Each time this course is offered, it will focus on a contemporary topic in international business. This course may be taken more than once, provided the topics are different.
BUAD498 Seminar in Human Resource Manage
Prerequisite: BUAD 400. This course is a study of selected areas in human resource management-- equal opportunity and affirmative action, recruitment, selection, training, development, motivation, compensation, benefits, health and safety, etc. This course may be taken more than once, provided the topics are different.
BUAD499 Business Internship
Prerequisites: minimum 2.75 GPA and have earned a minimum of 30 semester hours at The University of Findlay A one-semester work experience with a cooperating business firm supervised by the business administration faculty. Details available from the program director/department chair, the business intern adviser, or the Office of Internships and Placement. This course will be graded S/U and may be repeated with a maximum of 12 semester hours applying toward a degree.