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SPEM190 Sport & Event Mgmt Practicum
SPEM217 Intro to Sport & Event Mgmt
This course is designed to introduce and expose students to the key elements of designing, planning, marketing, and staging an event introducing them to core business concepts. Business projects and new product developments now culminate in events, while high-level business meetings, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions are viewed as events. Additionally, there are thousands of festivals and many thousands of weddings, parties, along with celebratory and sporting events every year, all of which require expert orientation and management. Students will be exposed to the needs of a management staff and its staffing challenges, and how to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Students will also overview what they need to know about legal compliance, risk management, financial control, and how to evaluate the success of the event itself. Students will be exposed to expert guest speakers in the field of sport and event management discussing a variety of topics essential to this specialized area of study.
SPEM290 Sport & Event Mgmt Practicum
SPEM317 Rec Facility Mgmt & Oper
Prerequisite: SPEM 217 or permission of the instructor Recreation facility management is an expansive and complicated subject that can vary greatly with the nature and objective of each facility. This course focuses on recreation facilities and the products and services they provide. Recreation facilities include schools, stadiums, fitness centers, sports complexes, recreation centers, golf courses, water parks, public pools, convention centers, parks, playgrounds, tourism facilities, and theme parks. Tourism facilities, including resorts, hotels, and cruise ships are included in the definition of recreation facilities because these facilities are used by people in their leisure time. Regardless of the type of facility, there are numerous factors that can influence the ability of a recreation facility manager to deliver products and services. Understanding these factors and how to manage resources is the foundation of facility management and requires extensive education and training.
SPEM337 Mrktg Sporting & Special Events
Prerequisite: MRKT 326 This course provides an overview of core elements of marketing along with essential components of the benefits of promotion and sales, sponsorship contact, relation, and sales. Licensing is also discussed along with managing the sales of sport brands/images. Special events are discussed relative to the activity being conducted.
SPEM390 Sport & Event Mgmt Practicum
SPEM417 Managing Non-Profits
Prerequisites: ACCT 221, BUAD 320, MRKT 326 This class will discuss fully the requirements of managing within the framework of a non-profit business entity. It will highlight and discuss the particulars that management at all levels needs to be aware of and special conditions that exist for the operation of non-profits.
SPEM437 Concession & Ticket Sales Mgmt
Prerequisites: ACCT 221, BUAD 320, MRKT 326, SPEM 217, 317, 337 This course is designed to introduce and expose students to the key elements of designing, planning, marketing, and complete operations of ticket sales, box office management, and event sales.
SPEM490 Sport & Event Mgmt Practicum
Prerequisites: declared major in sport and event management and have completed or in the process of completing 15 semester hours at The University of Findlay The practicum is an opportunity for students to gain practical experience in functional and operational areas within sport and event management. Students will have an opportunity to work on a variety of approved events. This course is repeatable for up to four semester hours. This course will be graded S/U.
SPEM499 Sport & Event Mgmt Intership
Prerequisites: student must have at least 30 semester hours and a minimum GPA of 2.75 This course involves a guided work-study experience with a cooperating organization approved and supervised by the Sport and Event Management Program. Students will keep a detailed log of their work experience and will prepare a final report. This course will be graded S/U and may be repeated with a maximum of 12 credit hours applying toward a degree.