Points of Pride


College of Education students boast a 100% passage rate  on Praxis II

Praxis II Subject Assessments measure knowledge of specific subjects that K–12 educators will teach, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge.

College of Education students receive hands-on experience  in their first year

Students have unique opportunities like working in The Clubhouse here on campus, working with the Hancock County Park District on their year-round educational programs, teaching in the nationally-recognized Junior Achievement Program, and assisting with the LAMP program at Van Buren elementary school.  In addition to these unique options, students are in schools observing, participating, and learning beginning with their freshman year.  Field experience is included during each year of the program.  Placements are made at various grade levels in rural, urban, and diverse settings.

96% student satisfaction

UF students ranked their program above the state average in a Fall 2012 state-wide survey of student teachers.

Personalized placement

Ohio has reciprocity for teaching licensure with nearly 25 other states around the country and the College of Education has the resources to place students where they really want to teach.  Students can teach locally or, in some cases, in their hometown!

Unique resources

The College of Education has a Teacher Resource Center (TRC) for student use as well as The Mazza Museum, the world's largest museum devoted to literacy and the art of children's picture books.