procedures-professional development

The Office of Graduate Outreach and Partnerships can work with you if you would like to offer graduate credit for a professional development course.  Teacher in-service sessions, workshops, book studies, Entry Year programs and other professional development activities can be set up as graduate courses, so long as they meet the requirements for contact hours and course performance objectives.  We can offer your course participants graduate credit at the reduced rate of $187.00 per credit hour and waive the usual application fee.

Here are the steps that you will need to follow to initiate a professional development project: 

  1. All instructors must hold a master’s degree and must have submitted a current resume (up to one year old) for our files.
  2. Instructors must complete a Graduate and Professional Development Application ​for the professional development offering and submit it to the Office of Graduate Outreach and Partnerships for approval before the workshop begins. 
  3. A copy of the syllabus must also be on file before the class begins.
  4. Once the course has been approved, you will receive a registration form with the course number. Please make enough copies for your students.
  5. On the first day of your course, have those students who wish to receive graduate credit from The University of Findlay fill out the registration form completely, read the financial policy and attendance agreement carefully, then sign and date the form. The registration forms should be completed only by those students who wish to receive graduate credit.  Those students will be billed by the University.
  6. Collect all registration forms and return them to David Rossman immediately.  Forms can be scanned and emailed to rossman@findlay.eduor faxed to 419-434-5551.
  7. Please remind students that an official academic transcript will be created based on the information provided on the registration form, so they should not use nicknames.  
  8. Once received, we will process the registration forms and fax a grade roster to you. On the grade roster you (the instructor) must verify the students' attendance, assign a letter grade (no S/U’s or P/F’s permitted) for each student, sign and date the form. Fax this back to David Rossman immediately after the last day of the workshop.  

We process numerous courses per semester; please follow these instructions carefully to insure that your course is a success.   

The Office of Graduate Outreach and Partnerships is subject to all of The University of Findlay’s regular policies and procedures pertaining to registration, attendance and financial responsibilities of the students. Courses are held within The University of Findlay’s semester time frames. Contact hours for graduate semester hours are as follows:

  • 12.5 contact hours = 1 semester hour
  • 25 contact hours = 2 semester hours, and
  • 37.5 contact hours = 3 semester hours.