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HEAL110 Personal and Community Health
Personal and Community Health provides students with the knowledge, tools, and motivation they need to take charge of their wellness-related behaviors. This course will share the message that a lifestyle based on good choices and healthy behaviors will maximize the quality of life. Assessment of personal and community needs for health education will be addressed.
HEAL300 Prin/Org/Adm of Elem School Health Education
This course, which covers ages three through middle childhood, is designed to prepare the health educator to deliver a total health program at the elementrary level (age three to grade nine). This includes: 1) the scope and sequence of health instruction based on students' needs and interests; 2) school health services, which will involve screenings and health assessments performed, nutritional programs and emergency care; and 3) healthful school living, which will include cooperation with school administration, support services, parents, teachers, and community agencies. Students will conduct fitness assessments for elementary students and prepare Fitnessgrams.
HEAL301 Prin/Org/Adm of Secondary School Health Education
Consideration will be given to the total school health program with emphasis on principles, organization, methods, and evaluation. A study of administration operations of public school health programs, issues and trends related to public health and community support and interests is included. The recognition of wellness and prevention of illness with special interest given to nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases, health products, and services common to disease and environmental factors will be emphasized.
HEAL317 Substance Abuse-Teaching Methods
This course will address the need to educate and counsel individuals in substance abuse prevention. Teaching methods and materials will be presented and analyzed for effectiveness. Collaborative efforts among health agencies, law agencies, and organizations will be included.
HEAL318 Human Sexuality-Teaching Methods
The emphasis in this class will be to prepare the health educator with methods and materials to teach human sexuality appropriately (age three through age 21). Knowledge, responsibilities, emotions, attitudes, and customs in regards to human sexuality will be addressed. This includes a study of the causes and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and resources available.
HEAL320 Assessment/Eval Procedures in Health Education
Prerequisites: MATH 123 or its equivalent. Emphasis is placed on construction and application of knowledge and skill assessments for health education. Students will assist with Health-Related Fitness Assessments in the Wellness classes, and utilize computer-based nutritional analysis.