​​student Success

Typical Students' Background

Students typically enter ​the program from four disciplines/backgrounds:

  • Clinical

    • Nurse/Pharmacist/Physician/Technician/Other

    • Wants to transition to “the business side” of healthcare

  • Computer Science/Information Systems

    • ​Wants to practice in the healthcare arena

  • Health Information Management (HIM)

    • ​Medical Records/Electronic Health Records

  • ​Business

Student Success Tips for online courses in general

  • Develop your “online course discipline”
  • Check your UF email daily
  • Check your BlackBoard course(s) for the latest “Announcements”
  • Keep up on required reading, finish it early
  • Complete asynchronous assignments early
  • Post initial responses and replies to discussion boards early

From The Students


Jeff Hull

Jeff Hull

Health information technology strategy and management consulting

Master of Science in Health Informatics, 2014

Jodee Coldren

Jodee Coldren     

Dental sterilization technician; volunteer dental assistant and educator

Master of Science in Health Informatics, 2014