Course Information

​Course Number ​Title ​GE
HPE 040 Aerobic Workout
HPE 064 Modern Dance
HPE 071 Weight Training and Exercise
HPE 076 Life Guarding
Prerequisite: swim test This course is designed to prepare all candidates for lifeguarding responsibilities. Successful completion of this course will allow the candidate to meet the challenges of being a professional lifeguard. The standards to be taught are: American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, American Red Cross First Aid, and American Red Cross CPR for the professional rescuer.
HPE 078 Varsity Athletics
HPE 084 CPR and First Aid
The American Red Cross Community CPR and First Aid is designed to provide fundamental principles and knowledge of skills in adult, child, and infant CPR and standard first-aid practices. It prepares a person to meet most emergencies when medical assistance is not excessively delayed.
HPE 085 Professional Rescuer CPR
The American Red Cross Professional Rescuer CPR is designed to provide fundamental principles and knowledge of skills in adult, child, and infant CPR along with delivery methods of advanced CPR and other tools associated with CPR. It prepares persons to meet numerous cardiac and breathing emergencies when medical assistance is not excessively delayed.
HPE 086 Downhill Skiing
HPE 088 Beginning Karate
HPE 093 Folk and Square Dancing
HPE 100 Wellness: Strategies For Life
The class focuses on individual lifestyle choices and achieving balance in the following wellness dimensions: physical, intellectual, psychological, environmental, vocational, social, and spiritual. A variety of self assessments and computerized inventories are utilized to assist the individual to develop a wellness profile, set personal goals, and develop a personal wellness plan.
HPE 101 Found. of Health, Phys. Ed., & Rec.
This course reviews the historical development of health and physical education, as well as sociological and psychological concerns. An introduction to the study of the role of play and its educational objectives is addressed. The evolution of athletics in our culture is also studied. Special emphasis is given to exploring these fields for potential careers.
HPE 122 Water Safety Course for Training Instructors
This course is designed to prepare candidates to teach all levels of the Red Cross swim program up to and including safety training for swim coaches.
HPE 205 First Aid & Care of Athletic Injuries
The focus of this course is on evaluation of basic athletic injuries, proper preventative aspects, first aid, and immediate care procedures. It is open to elementary education majors and required for students majoring in health education.
HPE 210 Techniques in Track & Field
This course will provide an introduction to the basic skills in track and field events. Skills will be taught including running mechanics, relay exchanges, hurdling, throwing events, and jumping events.
HPE 211 Techniques in Aquatics
This course will provide information on a variety of aquatic activities including the history of swimming and diving, safety guidelines, and hydrodynamic principles. Students will gain basic skills in rescue techniques, common swimming strokes, diving starts, and turns.
HPE 216 Skills & Analysis of Individual and Dual Sports I
Students will gain knowledge and basic sports skills in archery, tennis, and bowling. Students will also learn appropriate skill analysis techniques through the use of skills tests. Appropriate teaching methods for individual and dual sports will also be discussed.
HPE 217 Skills & Analysis of Individual and Dual Sports II
Prerequisite: HPE 216 Students will gain knowledge and basic sports skills in badminton, gymnastics, and golf. Students will also learn appropriate skill analysis techniques through the use of skills tests. Appropriate teaching methods for individual and dual sports will also be discussed.
HPE 218 Skills & Analysis of Team Sports
Emphasis is placed on the organization and teaching methodology of various team sports in the physical education program. Emphasis is placed on how to execute and teach the basic fundamental skills and tactics in various team sports. Emphasis is placed on non-mainstream sports that are technique-intensive and that prospective teachers may have less exposure to on a daily basis.
HPE 308 Physiology of Exercise
Prerequisites: BIOL 201, 201L This course explores the science of exercise physiology including how the body responds to regulation and adjustment as affected by exercise. Influences of both acute and chronic exercise on the human body are examined and are applied to health, fitness, and exercise performance.
HPE 315 Comprehensive School Health Educ
This course will focus on exciting and creative ways to teach and assess health education information and skills to elementary, middle/junior high, and senior high school students. The course will focus on primary positive prevention, enhancing health behaviors, and early intervention strategies.
HPE 317 Substance Abuse
Prerequisite: HEAL 110 This course is designed to give background in the area of substance abuse and abuse prevention. Teaching methods, material, and prevention theory will be presented and their effectiveness discussed. Collaborative efforts among health agencies, law agencies, and organizations will be included.
HPE 318 Human Sexuality
Prerequisite: HEAL 110 This class will be to prepare the health educator with methods and materials to teach human sexuality to students regardless of age, culture, or religious persuasion. Biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of human sexuality education will be addressed. This includes a study of the causes and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and resources available. Through a variety of interactive activities and assignments, participants will learn the importance of human sexuality and how to teach and incorporate these ideas across the curriculum.
HPE 325 Measurement & Evaluation in Health and Physical Education
Prerequisite: MATH 123 Emphasis is placed on applying the principles of measurement and evaluation for the health and physical educator. A brief review of common statistical measures including mean, standard deviation, reliability, and validity will be conducted. Students will also be able to construct, use, and evaluate a variety of assessments used in health and physical education such as cognitive, psychomotor skills, fitness, and health behavior tests.
HPE 328 Community-Urban Field Experience
Prerequisites: approval of the Community-Urban Field Experiences director, minimum 2.75 GPA, and have earned a minimum of 30 semester hours at The University of Findlay Guided field experiences. Off-campus learning experiences are possible throughout Ohio and other parts of the United States. This course will be graded S/U and may be repeated with a maximum of 15 semester hours applying toward a degree.
HPE 345 Phil and Practice of Coaching
This course examines the profession of coaching and involves studying the techniques and methods of coaching boys' and girls' interscholastic/intercollegiate athletic teams. Organization of athletic programs is studied with sociological implications considered.
HPE 346 Practicum: Coaching Ath. Teams
Students will gain 160 hours of practical experience in observing, planning, and implementing athletic practice sessions and game strategies. These experiences will be completed in a variety of settings and sports under the supervision of experienced and successful coaches.