The Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board

​NMTCB Exam Results

The NMI Passing rate for first time examinees for the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) exam for the last five years (2009-2013) is 95 percent. On average, 26 percent of the NMI first time examinees passing the NMTCB Exam did so with distinction or high distinction.

Individuals not successful on the first attempt may have taken the exam a second time and passed or passed the ARRT exam and so chose not to retake the NMTCB exam.

Upon successful completion of the NMI program, all students are eligible to apply to the NMTCB to take the national certification exam in nuclear medicine technology. Students may or may not be eligible to take the ARRT certification exam, depending on patient load, degree achieved and clinical competencies completed. The ARRT has specific clinical competency requirements that may not be met by some clinical facilities, depending on patient load. Eligibility requirements for ARRT certification in Nuclear Medicine Technology will — effective January 1, 2015 — call for candidates to have earned an associate (or more advanced) degree from an accrediting agency recognized by ARRT.

​Year ​NMI Number of Examinees ​NMI % Passing ​National % Passing
​2013 ​25 ​88 ​88
2012 41 98 88
2011 ​53 100 91
2010 53 ​93 88
2009 74 ​93 90

​Year ​NMI % of Examinees Passing with Distinction ​NMI % of Examinees Passing with High Distinction ​NMI % of Examinees Passing with Distinction or High Distinction
​2013 ​0 ​4 ​4
​2012 20 ​5 ​25
2011 15 0 15
2010 21 9 30
2009 19 6 25