​Points of Pride​

​The Nuclear Medicine Institute Program (NMI) is known worldwide as one of the best, one of the oldest and is the largest approved nuclear medicine technology training program. 

The following points contribute to this.

  • The NMI Program faculty members teaching in the academic session are dedicated to the program, meaning they do not teach or work in other programs or facilities.

  • Members of the NMI faculty are heavily involved with national organizations and the accreditation board. 

  • NMI graduates score well on the national certification exams (please refer to our national board results). 

  • NMI graduates are leaders in the field and new NMI graduates are recruited by employers nationwide.

  • NMI offers a wide range of clinical affiliate training in reference to size, geographic location and variety of procedures.

  • The accelerated curriculum allows for completion of the professional program in one year.

  • The academic session covers all aspects of nuclear medicine (including diagnostic exams, therapies, nuclear cardiology, nuclear oncology, SPECT and PET).

The NMI Program is a well established and stable program. It has been accredited since 1979 and has a history of graduating more than 1400 nuclear medicine technologists over the years.

Community Service

Since 2005, NMI faculty and staff have participated in the Adopt-A-Road Program. We have a two-mile stretch of highway located on County Road 193 located in Amanda Township and Hancock County, Ohio. There are signs posted on each end of the two miles that display our name prominently. It is our responsibility to retrieve any trash or refuse that is discarded along this two- mile stretch of roadway. In NMI traditional fashion, we clean more than our two mile stretch. This is one way of giving back to the community.

community service  Adopt a Road

This is a great way to bring all of us closer together. This project not only provides avenues for team building and giving back to the community, but also has caught a lot of attention from the people that travel this road. We have had many people from the local area comment on the good job that we're doing.