Student Research​

Open Gallery


Traditional Graduate Students

The class of 2013 presented the results of their completed research projects January 10, 2014 on the following topics:

  • Perceived Effects of Occupational Therapy Intervention in a County Jail (S. Gorentz, L. Hafley, A. Mills, W. Sterling; Advisor-Dr. R. King)
  • Development of an Occupation-Based Program to Maximize Food Resources for Individuals Living in Poverty: A Participatory Action Approach (M. Brownell, K. DeVine, E. Dunlap, A. Gottfried, A. Harter, A. Holman, E. Printz, G. Umbs; Advisors-Dr. L. Schmelzer, Dr. T. Leto)
  • ​The Effectivess of Occupational Therapy Programming in Equipping Inmates in a County Jail with the Necessary Life Skills for Successful Communit Re-entry (R. Geroge, J. Kemerley, K. Knabusch, D. Martin, L. Rawlins, K. Scasny, N. Steffenhagen, M. Travis; Advisors-Dr. M. Dillon, Dr. T. Griffiths)
  • Comparison of Two Measurement Techniques Used to Score Visual-Perceptual Motor Tests (H. Driver, R. Dunn, H. Lewis, H. McClarney, A. Munoz; Research Advisor-Dr. C. Nelson)

Weekend Graduate Students

Weekend graduates students from the class of 2013 presented the results of their completed research projects on July 11, 2013 on the following topics:

  • Mentoring in Occupational Therapy Programs (K. Drouhard, E. Fawver, J. Giordano, N. Meyers, J. Muchiarone, T. Seitz; Advisor-Dr. C. Goodwin)

  • Characteristics and Motivations of Mothers Donating Human Breast Milk to a Regional Breast Milk Bank (J. Boucher, L. Hapner, T. Klausing, A. Meyers, T. Moffatt; Advisor-Dr. C. Nelson)

  • Maximizing Food Resources: A Needs Assessment (A. Bader, J. Bulmahn, M. Burkhart, A. Jacobs, C. VanDeilen; Advisor-Dr.T. Leto)

  • Does Occupational Therapy Programming Equip Inmates with the Necessary Life Skills for Successful Community Re-Entry? (W. Garvin, S. Gerken, J. Hooks, G. White; Advisors-Dr. T. Beitzel, Dr. M. Dillon)

  • Snacking after Sporting Events: A Qualitative Exploration of this Growing Issue (A. Kusner, L. Oman, T. Sanders, K. Wellbaum, C. Zmudzinski; Advisor-Dr. L. Schmelzer)