Program Information​

Are you wondering what the IELP classes are like UF? 

You have come to the right place! 

This page contains information about the courses taught in the IELP. 


IELP Course Information

Click on the link below to view the program's mission, an overview of what is covered in each course, and what kinds of English language forms and functions are taught in the IELP.  

Sample Course Syllabi

Click on the links to view sample topics covered in IELP courses.

ENIN 430.01 Sample Syllabus

ENIN 450.02 Sample Syllabus

ENIN 470.01 Sample Syllabus

Language Proficiency Scales

Here are the Proficiency Scales used to measure language skills in the IELP. Click on the links below to view the proficiency scale for the basic level and for beginning to advanced levels.


IELP Proficiency Scale for Basic Level

IELP Proficiency Scale for Beginning to Advanced Levels


Student Academic Handbook

Click on the link below to view the IELP Student Handbook for Spring 2014.

Handbook Spring 2014