graphic design curriculum

​The following text is taken from The University of Findlay's current undergraduate catalog.

Art Core Courses (24 semester hours)

​The following core courses are required for all four-year programs in art (24 semester hours):


​ART 110

​Visual Fundamentals

​ART 321

​History of Art II

​ART 205

​Introduction to Digital Design

​ART 420

​Research and Readings in Art

​ART 210

​Introduction to Drawing

​ART 455

​Senior Portfolio and Exhibition

​ART 320

​History of Art I

​ART 495

​Professional Practices in Art

A major in graphic design consists of the art core plus ART 216, 250, 260, 305, 314, 405; COMM 315, 375; CSCI 270; and MRKT 326.

General Requirements for Art Majors

Seniors are required to present a one‑person show or be represented in a senior group exhibit in a University gallery.

Most studio courses are managed in such a way that students are expected to provide their own materials. More exact cost information is found in specific course syllabi. All students enrolled in studio art courses are strongly encouraged to submit work for judging in the annual student exhibit. The art faculty retains the right to keep and reproduce the works of students for its permanent collection.

A minor in graphic design consists of 24 semester hours taken in the following courses: ART 110, 205, 250, 305, 314, 321, 405, and COMM 375.