​children's book illustration Student Approved​​​

Lauren Bagley 
Children’s book illustration major
Hometown: Canton, Ohio  



“As soon as I was introduced to the Mazza Museum, I was instantly hooked,” said Lauren Bagley, a  children's book illustration major from Canton, Ohio, who never has regretted her decision to attend The University of Findlay – the very first college she visited.  

Bagley always has loved art, and when she learned she could do illustrations for kids’ books, she knew it was the perfect career goal. She enjoys the ability to choose what she creates and what medium she uses to create it.  

Bagley credits her academic adviser and art professor Valerie Escobedo with helping her "shine and really tap into" her potential. ​​

Escobedo “has been an amazing mentor, a great confidante and even a source of inspiration,” said Bagley. “She’s not just my professor and adviser. She’s a friend, and I will always enjoy the time I spent with her here.”   

In addition to Escobedo, Bagley named Jerry Mallett, Ed.D., founder and curator of the Mazza Museum, as being especially helpful to her. During spring break this year, Bagley traveled to New York City with the hope of contacting children’s book publishers. “I was so terrified to head out there … but he was so helpful and kind by grabbing me a fabulous contact,” she said of Mallett.  


Aside from her art major, Bagley has tried – and succeeded – in getting the most out of her college experience.   

She has worked with the Japanese program, the theatre program, the English department, information technology services and the psychology department on a variety of projects. Bagley even traveled to Japan as part of the KAKE Bridge program, which immerses a group of students into the Japanese culture for three weeks each summer.  


Her extracurricular activities have included Student Government Association, Campus Program Board and American Sign Language Club.  

The extracurricular activity that holds a special place in Bagley’s heart, however, is the Technology and Gaming Club (TAG), which she joined as a freshman. “I found so many friends through TAG … it was just overall a very, very positive place to be,” said Bagley.  

She started as the club secretary, later became president and will complete her tenure as vice president, helping the new president take TAG to “bigger and better heights.” Bagley credits the organization with helping her develop her leadership skills.  


Bagley encourages other students to be open to new possibilities. “It doesn’t matter if you’re an art major or a science major or an equine major. Get out there and experience as much of the University as possible,” she said. “Findlay has so much to give its students … Not being bored is as easy as opening up your planner and finding something to do. Get up, get out, make some friends, and drink in all there is here. I did, and I’m so glad I chose to.”  


After graduation, Bagley will leave campus with fond memories of Findlay. “The classes were engaging, the organizations were fantastic and my professors were one-of-a-kind. I got to be in a play, go to Japan and have my art hang on campus. I’m not a number here. I’m Lauren.”  

Looking ahead, Bagley says, “I can’t wait to step out of that door and do great things, because I know I can, and I know I will.”