​​Numerous internship opportunities are available for you in the Law & Liberal Arts.

If you are interested in criminal law, you can work with attorneys who are handling murder cases or felonies; in fact, one of our most popular internships is with attorneys who handle capital crime cases, that is, cases where the defendant could potentially receive the death penalty. You will help prepare the written briefs, do investigative research, talk to witnesses, visit the defendants and attend trials. 

Other internships involve work with law firms, prosecutor's offices, public defenders and probation /juvenile delinquency. You are free to create your own internships with judges, attorneys or federal agencies, especially if you have personal contacts with those agencies.

Internships are a wonderful way to explore the law. They provide hands-on training that can rarely be duplicated in the classroom. If you enjoy the feel and excitement of real-world situations, internships are a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and training.  Course credit is routinely awarded for such experiences as well!