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Phil Scott Phil Scott


Religious Studies​​ 

The “intersection of faith and intellect” – a term used to describe the interaction of religious belief and academic inquiry – is a dangerous crossroads for some, a stretch of hazardous travel for others. 

But for Phil Scott, senior pastor of Penbrook Church of God in Harrisburg, Pa., and a proud 1988 graduate of then-Findlay College, the combined power of the soul and the mind can supercharge a person for a long and meaningful life journey.   

“What my professors at Findlay did was to reinforce a hunger for learning that is never satisfied and never ends,” Scott said. “In my own work, I try to model what they taught and how they taught and to incorporate it into what I do. Our goals are very similar: to equip a generation of world-changers – that’s what they taught me. I try to pass on a hunger for learning and the ability to analytically come up with one’s own conclusions so they don’t have to be spoon-fed all their lives. What my professors modeled for me is the basis of my own ministry.”