political science curriculum

The following text is taken from The University of Findlay's undergraduate catalog.

Political Science Core Courses (26 semester hours)

The following core courses are required for all four-year programs in political science (26 semester hours):
​POLS 100 Introduction to Political Science POLS 350 Political Philosophy
POLS 110 American Politics POLS 495 Seminar in Political Science
POLS 202 Comparative Politics PBAD 205 Introduction to Public Administration
POLS 203 International Relations CJUS 347 Research Methods in Criminal Justice

A major in political science consists of taking at least 41 semester hours in the discipline or related areas. In addition to the core, students must complete 15 hours from the following list of electives: POLS 111, 301, 328, 333, 335, 365, 401, 404, 420, or 455. Three of those hours may be completed by taking one of the following: PBAD 210, 305, 350, 395 (three to six hours may apply toward the elective requirement), 490; HIST 331, 382, 385; COMM 230; FNCE 350; SOCI 313, 355; PHIL 333. Students must also complete MATH 123 and a competency exam in political science.

Students are encouraged to develop individualized programs either accompanying the major or in place of the ordinary sequence of courses in the major, depending upon the student’s career goals or other future plans.

Political science majors planning to teach high school should consult the College of Education for licensure requirements.

Students preparing for law school should consult with the law and the liberal arts adviser.

A minor in political science consists of at least 18 semester hours, including POLS 100, 110, 203; plus three courses from the courses listed as either core/required courses (which are not listed above) or electives for the political science major.