job outlook​​

One of the advantages of being a psychology major is that it opens the door to many career opportunities.  

Students with bachelor degrees can often find jobs working at social service agencies, government offices, hospitals, research centers, law enforcement, businesses, schools, and many other​ industries.​ To find other careers specifically related to psychology, visit Careers in Psychology by clicking here​. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has a list of occupations that are also related to the psychology field.  Click here to view the list

If you are interested in going on to graduate school, you could get your advanced degree in Psychology, Law, Social Work, Education, Counseling, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medicine, or Music/Art Therapy.  The undergraduate degree will open up many doors for graduate school, and with that advanced professional degree, you will have many opportunities to find careers that are rewarding.     

Salary is always an important consideration when choosing a career path.  The chart below indicates the earning potential for several areas of focus: