psychology Student Approved​​

​​Jeremy Stewart


Psychology-Jeremy“I chose The University of Findlay because of the people that make up the school. The teachers, faculty and staff at the University really seem like they care about the success of the students. I think that it is important to have people around that truly care about you, especially when you are in such an important stage of your life.”

He was also involved with the First-Year Experience program as a peer mentor. “Being a peer mentor for freshman was an incredible experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. One thing that I really looked forward to doing every week was working with my First-Year
psychology-jeremyExperience class,” Jeremy remarked. “I love being able to help the freshmen out around campus.  Being a role model for my first-year class and knowing that the students look up to me is something else that I really liked about being a peer mentor.”

“Working with people around campus has really taught me how to adjust to different personalities. Being a resident assistant and a First-Year Experience peer mentor has been a great way for me to meet lots of people around campus,” said Jeremy. “Because I one day hope to become a psychologist, I think the things I’ve experienced over the past two years have really helped me learn how to conduct myself in a professional manner.”

Ashley Dutridge


Ashley Dutridge “The University of Findlay offers great opportunities for students to become involved, develop friendships and succeed academically,” said Ashley. “Through a few of my professors who advocate civic engagement and service learning, I learned about several different volunteer opportunities in the city of Findlay which I became involved in.” 

One of Ashley’s volunteer activities includes the “Walking School Bus” in which she supervises local elementary Ashley Dutridge
school students as they walk home from school, making sure they arrive home safely.​

“These off-campus activities have helped me apply concepts outside the classroom. My college experience would not be the same without my experiences in the community,” said Ashley. “The University of Findlay has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to any student who is looking to be challenged.”