sociology curriculum

The following text is taken from The University of Findlay's undergraduate catalog.

A major in sociology consists of a minimum of 33-35 semester hours in the discipline of sociology or in related fields. Students are able to write their own individualized major in consultation with the adviser. If an individualized major is not elected, the ordinary sequence of courses includes: SOCI 420, 495, PSYC 240; and CJUS 347 or PSYC 289, plus 24 semester hours in other sociology or anthropology courses and allied areas. Of these 24 semester hours, 12 must be in upper level courses (i.e., 300- or 400-level).

A minor in sociology consists of 15 semester hours of course work including SOCI 420; two courses from SOCI 105, 150, 220, 230, 250; and two courses from SOCI 313, 335, 345, 350, 355, and 399.

Students in the criminal justice program may arrange double majors with sociology upon consultation with the chair of behavioral, social, and justice sciences or any sociology faculty member.