Alumni Board of Governors

Alumni Association Board of Governors

 Officers (until 2015, two-year terms):

 Julie (Dean) McIntosh '90 President


Susan Hite '87 Vice President 
Scott Zahler Past President 

Elected Representatives (three-year terms):


​Kevin Wolfe '94
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​Ryan Smith '00 '07 
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​Phil Riegle '00 
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​Kayla Shannon '10 
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​Barb (Balcik) Buford '90 

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​Robin (Shanaberger) Hopkins '01 


​Jennia (Jenkins) Knestrick '94 


​Mike Murphy '72 

​Ron Cable '64 
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​Deb (Prichard) Ebert '89 
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​Pete Dalpiaz '08 
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​James Taylor '72 
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Appointed Representatives (two-year terms):

​Matt Maglicic '92 

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​Richard Malcolm '55 
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​Marcy Banner '93
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​Mark Cosiano "07
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​Kelly (Zink) Ernst '03 
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​Alumni Trustee - Bob Fry ​2015

Representatives to Trustee Committees


​Alumni Trustee: Jennia (Jenkins) Knestrick '94 (2 year term until 2015)
​Business Affairs: ​Ron Cable '64
​Development: ​Pete Dalpiaz '08
​Student Affairs: ​Kelly (Zink) Ernst '03
​Instruction: ​Jennia (Jenkins) Knestrick '94
​Enrollment Management: ​Deb (Prichards) Ebert '89


Student Representatives (two-year appointments)


​College of Liberal Arts

​Lucas Opperman


​College of Science

​Morgan Vanderburgh


​College of Health Professions

​Stephanie Flores


​College of Education

​Taylor Sowers


​College of Business

​Nikhil Khanna


​College of Pharmacy

​Craig Schutz


​Senior Class President

​Derek Putnam


​SGA President

​Christina Terry


​STAR President

Traci Hrenko​



 If you need additional information, please contact Dee Dee Spraw, Director, Wolfe Center for Alumni Parents & Friends at 1-800-472-9502 ext. 4589 or email