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“Students Making A Difference”

The mission of UF Outreach (formerly phonathon) is more than statistics and dollar signs; in fact, student callers, officially known as UF Student Development Officers act as both fundraisers and representatives to UF’s alumni, parents and friends. 

This year we are pleased to announce that we have a generous financial contribution from parents of a current student. They are encouraging the fund-raising efforts to support the 2013-14, UF Parent Fund project, the Knowledge Bar.  This is an integrated point of service for students, blending library and help desk services to support the technological and informational needs for students.


Because of you, we are able to continue our progress in obtaining our goals for 2013-14. Stay tuned for weekly updates:

UF Parent Fund

Goal for UF Parent Fund:              $12,500.00
As of March 24, 2014:                     $6,291.00             96 Parents


Goal for UF Alumni:                        $70,000.00
As of March 24, 2014:                     $63,793.37           671 Alumni
A Findlay education is more than just preparing for future employment. It changes lives.  It develops student potential.  It demands scholarship. It explores moral issues.  It creates confidence and community.  It hones leadership and fosters creativity.  That’s why our mission is to equip our students for meaningful lives and productive careers.
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