Animal Science/Pre-Vet​

Animal Science/Pre-Vet Programs 2013-2014
Tuition​ * $15,418.00
Room (double occupancy, except Haven, Village, Special Interest Houses,
Townhouses, Cottages, Oiler Pointe and Derrick Square)
Board $2,319.00
Student Activity Fee (non-refundable) $100.00
General Service Fee (non-refundable)​ $352.00
Health and Accident Insurance (per year) $285.00
Room Deposit (one time) $150.00
Total per semester $20,934.00
Total per year      $41,433.00
Animal Science/Pre-Vet Hourly Tuition and Fees 2013-2014
Part-time freshman- and sophomore-level Animal Science/Pre-Vet Programs *​ ​$971 + $641 per sem hour
​General Service Fee – 9 or less hours (non-refundable)
General Service Fee – more than 9 hours (non-refundable)
​$37 per sem hour
$352 per session
​Student Activity Fee – 6 or less than 12 hours (non-refundable) ​$35 per session

 * Additional tuition is for students taking freshman- and sophomore-level animal science/pre-vet courses. The tuition cost over and above the regular academic program helps defray the cost of operations for the farms.

See the Online Academic Course Schedule for special course fees.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right at any time to amend or add to the regulations of the University, including those concerning fees and methods of payment. The amendments and/or additions apply to students currently enrolled as well as to new students.