Fringe Benefits​ List:

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Effective 01-01-14


1. Medicare and Social Security  on the first $117,000 

     Employee Yearly Contribution: 7.65%

     University Yearly Contribution: 7.65%


2. Term Life Insurance: $30,000

     Employee Yearly Contribution: $15.00

     University Yearly Contribution: $45.12


Optional Life: You may purchase up to two times your annual salary which is based on age and salary. The maximum for any employee is the lesser of two times the annual salary or $150,000.  The University pays 50% of monthly cost.  


Dependent Life Insurance Coverage: You may enroll spouse and children in the term life insurance plan. There are two options available from which to choose.


3.  Comprehensive Major Medical and Prescription Drug

     (UF is Self-funded - claims and contributions paid as needed)


Plan B:

Single Employee Yearly Contribution $2,136.96, 

Monthly Contribution $178.08

EE+Child(ren) Employee Yearly Contribution $3,417.60,

Monthly Contribution $284.80

*Two Person (Employee+spouse) Employee Yearly Contribution $4,272.24, 

*Monthly Contribution $356.02

*Family Employee Yearly Contribution $5,529.84, 

*Monthly Contribution $460.82


HDHP (Plan C):

Single Employee Yearly Contribution $1,386.48,

Monthly Contribution $115.54

EE+Child(ren) Employee Yearly Contribution $2,246.40,

Monthly Contribution $187.20

*Two Person (Employee+spouse) Employee Yearly Contribution $2,807.52,

*Monthly Contribution $233.96

*Family Employee Yearly Contribution $4,403.04,

*Monthly Contribution $366.92


*Spousal Carve Out: Employees whose spouse is offered medical coverage through their employer and chooses to keep their spouse on the University plan as primary coverage, will have an additional $50.00 added to their monthly medical premium. The employee’s spouse may remain on the University’s medical plan as secondary coverage with no premium penalty. The employee is required to have the spouse’s  employer complete the spousal carve out document and return to the Office of Human Resources within 30 days of hire date.


4. Vision Insurance

Single Plan:

Employee Yearly Contribution $153.24, Monthly Contribution $12.77

University Contribution $.00


Two Person Plan:

Employee Yearly Contribution $232.20, Monthly Contribution $19.35

University Contribution $.00


Family Plan:

Employee Yearly Contribution $413.88, Monthly Contribution $34.49

University Contribution $.00


5. Long Term Disability, offered after one year of full-time employment

Employee Yearly Contribution $ .16/100

University Yearly Contribution $ .16/100

6. Dental, offered after one year of full-time employment


Single Plan

Employee Yearly Contribution $116.04, Monthly Contribution $9.67

University Yearly Contribution $464.76


Family Plan

Employee Yearly Contribution $335.76, Monthly Contribution $27.98

UF Yearly Contribution $1,343.04


7. Workers' Compensation

Employee Yearly Contribution $.00

UF Yearly Contribution = total amount, if certified


8. Flexible Benefit Plan: Experience significant tax savings by contributing pre-tax dollars for medical and/or dependent care expenses.


9. TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan is a defined contribution plan that operates under Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Eligible employees must, as a condition of employment, begin participation in this Plan on the first of the month after you fulfill the following requirements: complete one full year of employment at The University of Findlay and are 21 years of age.


Plan Contribution as a percentage of Compensation:  Participation in this plan is mandatory after one (1) year of employment with the University. During years one through five of eligibility, the University contributes 5% and the employee is required to contribute 5% of his/her annual salary. For years six through ten of eligibility, the University contributes 7% and the employee contributes 3%. After ten years of eligible employment, the University contributes 10% and the employee contribution ceases.


StraightLine: A research-based professional management firm offers proactive services to 403(b)participants (fee for service). Contact a StraightLine representative to manage your 403(b) account at (419)425-8440 or visit


10. Tuition remission for The University of Findlay employee, spouse, and/or dependent children under 25 years of age after completion of five (5) months of employment. Employees and/or dependents may apply to enroll in the first full semester or term after meeting this requirement (apply for admission as all other students do and be accepted based on the established criteria). This includes both undergraduate and graduate basic tuition; taxes on employee graduate tuition may be incurred where as spousal or dependent graduate tuition will incur taxes. Costs for textbooks, materials, additional fees, room and board, and miscellaneous fees are not included in the tuition remission policy. The University of Findlay currently participates in several different tuition exchange programs.


11. The University Stores offers a 10% discount on purchase of supplies, gifts, textbooks and clothing to all university employees (a valid Employee Identification Card is MANDATORY at time of purchase).


12. Use of all campus facilities (e.g. Croy Gymnasium, Gardner Fitness Center, Koehler Fitness & Recreation Complex, Shafer Library).


13. Tickets to on-campus events as long as the event is not sold out (Tournaments, Concerts, and Summer Stock not included.)



14. Paid vacation for staff and administrators is accrued at the following rates:


    Part-time staff (if eligible):                 Pro-rated hours per month

    40 hour staff:

            Years 1 - 5                                 6.67 hours per month (2 weeks)

            Years 6 - 10                               10.0 hours per month (3 weeks)

            Years 11 - on                             13.33 hours per month (4 weeks)

    Administrative (from hire date)         13.33 hours per month (4 weeks)


15. Sick Leave for staff and administrators is accrued at the following rates:


     Part time staff (if eligible):                  Pro-rated hours per month

     40 hour staff and administrators:     8.0 hours per month


All new employees have a 3-month probationary period before sick leave accruals begin.


16. Paid holidays include: New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.


17. Direct Deposit is mandatory for all payroll checks.


18. Pay Dates are the 15th and 30th of every month. If payday falls on a holiday or weekend, checks are distributed the day before. Pick up your first paycheck in the Office of Human Resources.