Software Sales




The University of Findlay is currently under a Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCA). This agreement allows specific Microsoft software products to be used on all equipment owned or leased by the University, and on one computer owned or leased by each current faculty or staff member (full or part-time) and each currently registered, degree-seeking student (full or part-time).
Students, Faculty and Staff are encouraged to take advantage of the huge savings the MCA provides.
Throughout the year, these products can be purchased online . You may call the Microsoft support line at 1-800-936-5700, which questions in regards to the download procedure.
32bit vs 64bit software:
Please be sure to select the correct version of software that works for your computer, as all sales of media are final. If you do not know which version works for your computer, please visit the Windows 7 FAQs or call Technology Support Services at 419-434-4357 to assist you in selecting the correct version.

*A valid UF ID is required at time of purchase.

Software Return Policy:
This return policy applies to Adobe media (CDs/DVDs) distributed for students, faculty, or staff work-at-home use under The University of Findlay Adobe Student Agreement.
Media (CDs/DVDs) purchased from The University of Findlay under these agreements may be REPLACED ONLY IF:
• In the unlikely event of defective software media*, the customer must return the defective media to the place of purchase and indicate the reason of the return. The University of Findlay will contact the original distributor directly for replacement of the defective media. This process may take several weeks.
*If the media is not defective, the original media will be returned to the student without a replacement or refund. All sales of media are final and this returns policy does NOT ALLOW RETURNS of media (CDs/DVDs), except for cases that meet the requirements described above.






The University of Findlay is currently under an Adobe Student and Teacher Licensing Agreement. This agreement allows students, faculty and staff of The University of Findlay to purchase one copy of each Adobe product at special student only prices.
• You must be enrolled in an accredited program at the University during the semester you are purchasing the software.
• You may purchase only one copy of EACH version of licensed software identified in the Adobe order form.
• Your purchase is for personal use and may not be sold or transferred to another person.
Throughout the year, these products can be ordered at the University Bookstore during normal business hours*.

*A valid UF ID is required at time of purchase.