Service-Learning Courses at UF

Academic service-learning courses are offered in a variety of colleges at The University of Findlay. In 2012-2013, academic service-learning courses were reported from the following colleges. 


College of Business

ACCT 496: Cases in Managerial Accounting

FNCE 495: Seminar in Financial Economics
MRKT 480: Retail Management

College of Education

EDUC 372: Science and Math: Building Blocks for Early Childhood

College of Health Professions

GERN 425: Gerontology and Ethics

OCTH 321: Professional Relationships in Context
OCTH 340: Professional Issues

PHTH 545: Lifespan Development and Physical Therapy

SOWK 210: Field Instruction I

SOWK 361: Human Behavior in the Social Environment

SOWK 405: Social Work Practice 111

College of Liberal Arts

ACAD 190: Exploring the Liberal Arts

COMM 110: Principles of Speech 

COMM 260: Video Production
POLS 110: American Government

PSYC 100: General Psychology

RELI 101: Introduction to Religion

College of Pharmacy

PHAR 491: Early Practice Experience I

PHAR 492: Early Practice Experience II

PHAR 591: Intermediate Practice Experience I

College of Sciences

EQST 103: Introduction to Therapeutic Riding
ESOH 315: Environmental Sampling and Statistics

ESOH 495: Environmental Service Learning Research