Habitat for Humanity​

UF Habitat for Humanity was started in 2002.

Since then, UF Habitat for​ Humanity has had many successes!
Our current membership includes more than 60 students!
We have a plan to sponsor UF's first Habitat for Humanity house in 2015, and we already have $53,000 of the $75,000 needed to do so!
We have a great relationship with the local affiliate, Habitat for Humanity of Findlay/Hancock County.  We have built on 20 of the local Habitat homes.
We have given over $3,000 to Habitat for Humanity International as part of their international tithe program.  This money has helped build houses in Malawi and Nepal.
For more information on our campus chapter, please contact President Ingrid Godfrey at godfreyi@findlay.edu.  Please check out our Facebook page here.