q & a for Undeclared freshmen

  1. Do many students enter Findlay as undeclared/undecided majors? Undeclared majors annually account for 5-10 percent of Findlay's freshman class.
  2. Why do students choose to enter as undeclared/undecided majors?  Entering as an undeclared/undecided major gives you the chance to explore your interests and UF majors before you make a decision.

  3. Will I be behind in my classes if I enter as an undeclared/undecided major?  Entering as an undeclared major will still allow you to graduate on time in most majors if you follow an active strategy your first semester freshman year exploring your interests and trying courses in the majors that interest you.  If you have a specific major in mind, we recommend taking the required beginning course or courses for that major during your first semester​.
  4. How do I choose my classes if I'm not declaring a major yet?  Your first semester schedule will be designed to help you explore fields and try majors that interest you.  You also will take General Education and Competency requirement courses all students must complete.

  5. When do undeclared/undecided students choose their majors?  We encourage you to choose a major by the end of your first semester at Findlay.  When you decide, we will help you declare your major and work with faculty adviser in that major.

  6. Is help available to look at possible majors before classes start in August?  Career counseling services are available during both the academic year and the summer months for freshmen who want to start exploring majors.  If you live too far from Findlay to meet in person, we can work with you by email and phone. If you choose a major before classes start in August, you will be reassigned to an adviser in your major and your fall class schedule adjusted.

  7. If I have ideas about a major, should I start there instead of as an undecided?  If you are sure about your general area but not the specific direction, it's best to work with a faculty adviser in that major when you come for Registration. For example, if you know definitely you want to be in education but are not sure of your licensure area; if you are sure you want to be in business but don't know what area of business. If you are interested in several different areas or do not have any ideas right now about possible majors, it's best to enter as an undeclared where you will receive services designed to help you make the best choice of major.

If you have additional questions, please contact Jan Taylor, director of Career Planning by calling 419-434-4615 or emailing jantaylor@findlay.edu.