Undergraduate Merit Scholarships 

Our merit scholarships are based on your final cumulative high school grade point average (G.P.A.) (or, for transfer students, your G.P.A. from all previous college–level institutions) and ACT/SAT scores. Scholarships are awarded beginning with your freshman year and are renewable for up to four years (a total of five years of scholarship aid). 
This table is an approximation of the merit scholarship amount you could be awarded. Use our Net Price Calculator for a more accurate estimation of your merit scholarship amount.      ​
​Scholarship ​GPA ​ACT ​Annual Award*
​Trustees' ​3.8-4.0 ​28-36
​President's ​3.6-3.79 ​25-27 ​$15,000
​Deans' ​3.2-3.59 ​22-24 ​$14,000
​Findlay ​2.5-3.19 ​18-21 ​$10,000
*Merit scholarships are generally renewable for up to four years (total of five years of scholarship aid), but are limited to students who are taking at least 12 undergraduate credit hours.     For a more detailed look at your potential merit scholarship, see our Merit Scholarship Matrix Chart​.      

Scholarship Competition Day 

The University of Findlay’s Scholarship Competition Day is an opportunity for exceptionally well-qualified applicants to compete for scholarship money.  Scholarships awarded are in addition to the academic scholarships and financial aid that we offer to qualified students.  These half-day competitions are by invitation only and are held three times a year, in December, January and March. Dozens of scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 are awarded at each competition day. Call Undergraduate Admissions at 419-434-4732 for more information.

Choose Ohio First Scholarship

The Choose Ohio First is a program created with the intention to advance: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, (STEMM) education fields. Ultimately, by supporting students in STEMM education fields, the state of Ohio hopes to create a more sophisticated workforce that will improve Ohio's economy. The Choose Ohio First scholarship provides direct financial support to current and future students of STEMM education degrees. The University of Findlay has five different majors where students can take advantage of the Choose Ohio First scholarships
  • Biology
  • Education - Undergraduate
  • Education - Post Baccalaureate
  • Computer Science
  • Pharmacy

Endowed Scholarships      

Beginning your sophomore year, you can continue to reduce the cost of your education by earning one or more of the University’s endowed scholarships. Click on the links below to find out more about scholarships available for specific majors and interests.       

Other Financial Aid Sources       

There are several other types of financial aid available for incoming freshmen.       
  • UF Art Scholarships                                      
  • Music and Theater Scholarships
  • UF Athletic Scholarships
  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Federal Supplemental Grants 
  • Ohio College Opportunity Grants (for Ohio residents only) 
  • Pennsylvania Higher Education Grants (PA residents only) 
  • Federal Perkins Loans 
  • Federal Direct Loans 
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans 
  • Alternative Loans
  • Federal Work-Study 
  • University Work-Study