The Internship and Cooperative Education Program enables students to acquire practical knowledge that complements classroom learning, increases marketability for job placement after graduation and enhances preparation for graduate or professional school programs. Internships are developed to assist employers in meeting their goals while simultaneously providing hands-on, supervised career-related experience for the student.

To start the internship process, register with The University of Findlay's online job board service.

Benefits offered by securing an internship/co-op prior to graduation include:
  • Acquire practical, hands-on experience 
  • Earn academic credit that may count toward your degree program
  • Enhance classroom knowledge and learning
  • Develop professional, transferable skills
  • Create a network of professional contacts, mentors and references
  • Gain an advantage over the competition
  • Improve communication and technical skills
  • Gain interview experience
  • Experience that will enhance résumé
  • Validate career decisions
  • May offer experience living in a larger metropolitan location
  • Increase marketability and value to potential employers–they often look first

    to their own interns to fill professional positions

  • Prepare for graduate/professional school


To begin your internship/co-op search, contact:

Philip Gunder
Director of Internships and Cooperative Education Programs


The University of Findlay has partnered with Intern In Ohio, a free internship resource that connects businesses and organizations with qualified student interns, based on skills and interest.