ELECTIVE requirements

Students admitted to The University of Findlay College of Pharmacy are required to take a minimum of 14 hours of didactic pharmacy electives within the Pharmacy Curriculum.  Generally, students will only be able to complete these electives during the P4 and P5 years.    All pre-approved elective courses completed at The University of Findlay will be accepted regardless of year completed.  All elective courses transferred from another college or university must be approved by the student’s advisor and Assistant/Associate Dean for Internal Affairs.    The following are pre-approved electives (excluding those courses used for General Education Requirements for the College of Pharmacy):


  • PHAR” Electives Courses (all pharmacy specific electives)
  • COLL” Colloquial Electives Courses in Pharmacy


  • ACCT” Courses (Accounting)
  • "BSAD" Courses (Degree Completion)
  • BUAD” Courses (Business Administration)
  • ECON” Courses (Economics)
  • "FNCE​" Courses (Finance)
  • MRKT” Courses (Marketing)
  • MBA” Courses (Masters of Business Administration)

Communication and Languages: 

  • BLMC” Courses (Bilingual Multicultural Courses)
  • SPAN” Courses (Spanish)
  • FREN” Courses (French)
  • GERM” Courses (German)
  • JAPN” Courses (Japanese)
  • COMM” Courses (Communication)
    • Excluding COMM 110 or COMM 211
  • ENGL” Courses (English)
    • Excluding ENGL 039, 048, 104, 105, 106, 107, 145, 272

Chemistry and Biology:

  • BIOL” Courses (Biology)
  • CHEM” Courses (Chemistry)

Health Care: 

  • GERN” Courses (Gerontology)
  • HEPR” Courses (Health Profession)
  • HINF” Courses (Health Informatics)
  • NMED” Courses (Nuclear Medicine)
  • PHAS​” Courses (Physician Assistant)

Computer Science:

  • CSCI” Courses (Computer Science)
    • Excluding CSCI 150 and CSCI 190 

Other Courses:

  • "PSYC" Courses (Psychology)
  • "HNRS​" Courses (Honors) - for those in Honors program
Students pursuing a dual major or certificate program may petition the Dean or Assistant/Associate Dean for Internal Affairs through the support of his or her academic advisor, for approval of dual major coursework completed as elective hours.  Students may also petition for specific courses, in a similar manner, should the student believe that his or her elective course interests will foster direct pharmacy career enhancement.