Points of Pride

​Program of Innovation

The University of Findlay’s computer sciencepharmacy and biology programs recently were designated  Programs of Innovation by the state of Ohio, and awarded a grant to offer Choose Ohio First (COF) scholarships to students in those fields of study.   

Unlike most scholarship programs that direct funds to students or schools based on a formula or a set group of criteria, the COF scholarship program calls for schools to submit proposals that describe their innovative STEMM programs in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM).  The goal of the $100 million scholarship program is to recruit students to study in the best and most innovative programs.


Davis Street Labs

The Davis Street Labs provide students with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for course work and research capabilities.  The labs support courses in molecular and cellular biology, genetics, forensics, and microbiology.  The facility contains a myriad of molecular equipment including a tissue culture facility, a fluorescent microscope, and DNA extraction and analysis equipment.


Current ongoing research in this facility includes: DNA mutation, antibiotic resistance, disease transmission, and antimicrobial bioremediation.​

Dr. Edelbrock  

​Dr. Michael Edelbrock (r.) shown in the tissue culture lab at the Davis Street facility.

​Rieck Center for Habitat Studies

The Rieck Center for Habitat Studies is a 46-acre facility that contains a diversity of habitat — riparian, woods, flood plain and prairie, as well as a bird observation room, feeding station and butterfly/hummingbird gardens. The site also contains a nature center for class meetings and social gatherings.​ 

woodpecker   biology students
At left, a downy woodpecker observed outside the bird viewing room.  Right, biology students doing an ecological project.