chemistry curriculum

The following text is taken from The University of Findlay's undergraduate catalog.

First-year students who are required to take a general chemistry course (CHEM 111 or 130) will be required to take a chemistry pretest when they come to campus for orientation and class registration. A satisfactory score on the chemistry pretest as well as a satisfactory score on the math pretest will allow a student to register for CHEM 130. An unsatisfactory score in the math or chemistry pretest will result in a student being placed into CHEM 111. It is important for students to be prepared for the pretest so they can be placed in a class commensurate with their abilities.

First-year students who have earned a satisfactory score on the Chemistry AP exam will be placed into the appropriate general chemistry class. Check online at (KEYWORD: AP Policy) for details.

A major in chemistry consists of CHEM 130, 130L, 131, 131L, 310, 310L, 311, 311L, 316, 316L, 340, 360, 395 (four hours), 400, 438, 450, 451, 460, and 499 (four hours); MATH 123, 141, 142, 310; PHYS 252 and 253. It is strongly recommended that students also take MATH 250, 295, 342, and 410. Students wishing to enter medical school are highly encouraged to complete BIOL 150, 150L, 152, and 152L.

A minor in chemistry consists of 20 hours of chemistry, including CHEM 130, 130L, 131, 131L, 310, 310L, 311, 311L, and 316/316L or 400.