career opportunities​

Nearly 100 percent placement rate – national and international jobs. 


Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in environmental, safety and occupational health management are sought after, even in today’s competitive job market.  With an emphasis on injury prevention, sustainability and disaster response, industries need employees skilled in all facets of workplace safety and health.

Average graduate starting salary of $50,000 annually with bachelor's degree!

Estimates show a surging demand for skilled, educated employees in the environmental science and occupational health areas in the next decade. Career options for graduates include:

Private Sector -

-Environmental, Safety and Health Consulting Groups

-Industrial Hygiene Consulting Groups


-Automotive and Petrochemical Industries

-Education and Training Companies

Government - 

-Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)

-Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

-​-Department of Homeland Security​

-Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)​

-Regulatory Agencies at the Local and State Levels