​​esoh program activities

​​The Oiler Environmental, Safety and Health Student Organization (OESHO) welcomes all full-time students

OESHO annual events include:
  • Cleanup of the Rieck Center biological field station

  • Blanchard River Cleanup

  • Fear Factor Challenge

  • Camping, hiking and ski trips

  • Trips to area industries​

Our organization is a major supporter of the William Jutte Memorial Scholarship ​presented annually to a junior or senior in the undergraduate program.​


Sustainable Student Housing

The University of Findlay received a grant from the BP Foundation and Dominion Resources in 2011 to help retrofit two University-owned houses with renewable energy and monitoring equipment. 

ESOH students, along with guidance from Tim Murphy, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of the ESOH program, assisted with preparing the site and installing the solar panels and wind turbine.

Solar power is generated from these solar grids, along with wind power  from a wind turbine, to power the houses.

The two houses are the focal points of an ongoing campus project to reduce energy consumption.  With four students in one house and five in another, both groups are developing and implementing ways to save energy and create less waste.  Monitoring instruments were installed during the summer of 2011 to measure water, electrical and natural gas usage.