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Freshmen English equestrian students have many choices!

Questions you may have:

Bring your own horse?

Incoming freshmen may bring a family-owned horse as their project for the program; however, many students prefer the experience they receive by riding several different horses.  UF has criteria that must be followed if you choose to bring your own horse.  See "Should I Bring My Own Horse?" ​for requirements. 

What equipment will you need?

All freshmen will need to bring their own tack, and the equipment needed to care for a horse. Requirements vary, depending on your area of focus. . . dressage or hunter/jumper.  See one of the following lists for what you'll need:

Help us get to know you!

The UF equestrian program is known for strong instructor-student relationships.  To help us get to know you better, please complete our Self Evaluation Form. This will also help us in selecting horses that are appropriate to our program.

A place for everything. . .

Your equipment represents a large investment and we want to help you keep it safe and in good condition.  UF provides tack lockers​ for each student, so it won't be necessary to bring one.