Core (13 credit hours Requ​ired):

EQST101   Introduction to Equine Science OR ANSC 131  Introduction to Animal Sciences (3 cr) 
EQST102   Equine Selection/Judging-western OR EQST104-Equine Selection/Judging-English (3 cr)
EQST201   Principles of Equine Nutrition OR ANSC 231  Principles of Food Animal Nutrition (3 cr) 
EQST202   Physiology of Equine Reproduction OR ANSC 232  Physiology of Reproduction and Growth (3 cr)
EQST499  Senior Seminar in Equine Science (1 cr) ​

Major (24 credit hours Required):

EQST302   Farm and Stable Management (3 cr)
BUAD150   Principles of Entrepreneurship OR ECON200  Principles of Macroeconomics OR  ECON201 Principles of Microeconomics (3 cr)
EQST337   Equine Marketing (3 cr)
BUAD310   Business Law OR EQST 435   Equine Law (3 cr)
ACCT220  Principles of Accounting I (3 cr)
BUAD220  Principles of Management (3 cr)
BUAD311   Business Communications (3 cr)
MRKT326   Principles of Marketing (3 cr)

Electives (12 credit hours required):

EQST103   Introduction to Therapeutic Riding
EQST203  Software Applications in Equine Business Management
EQST301  Equine Preventative Medicine
EQST311  Farm Livestock and Land Management
EQST332   Equine Exercise Physiology
EQST380  Professional Horse Show Practicum
EQST401  Teaching Basic Training & Equitation Skills
EQST402  Reproduction
EQST403  Teaching Basic Training & Equitation Skills II
EQST404  Advanced Equine Nutrition
EQST405  Advanced Reproduction Techniques
EQST411  Farm Equipment Management
EQST412  Farm Structure Management
EQST480  Internship
EQST490  Advanced Topics In Equine Science
ANSC310  Principles of Animal Breeding and Genetics
ANSC320  Meat Animal Evaluation
ANSC330  Forage and Crop Production
ANSC331  Small Animal Medicine
ANSC332  Food Animal Medicine
ANSC351  Beef Production and Management
ANSC352  Dairy Production and Management
ANSC353  Sheep Production and Management
ANSC354  Swine Production and Management
ANSC404  Advanced Animal Nutrition
ANSC480  Internship
ANSC490  Advanced Topics in Animal Science