Course Information

​Course Number ​Title ​GE
GEOL120 Introduction to Geology Y
This is a laboratory and project-based course emphasizing the identification of earth materials and the interpretation of their origin, distribution, and history. This course is recommended for non-science majors. Technology tools are used to obtain information from federal and state geologic agencies.
GEOL150 Applied Earth Science Y
This course covers the role of geologic information in land-use and environmental decision making, with an emphasis on resource management and the mitigation of natural or human-induced hazards. This course is recommended for non-science majors. Local societal concerns as well as global impacts are addressed.
GEOL205 Surficial Earth Systems Y
This course examines the interaction of the atmosphere and hydrosphere with the solid earth. It is organized as a survey course with the following major topics: features and behavior of the atmosphere, climate and climate change, and landscape evolution. This course is recommended for non-science majors. Technology tools are used to analyze modern satellite and historical ground-based data sets which are obtained from federal and international repositories.
GEOL300 Hydrology
Prerequisites: GEOL 120 or 205, one course in chemistry, and MATH 140. This course examines the distribution and movement of water above and below the ground and the resultant chemical attributes of freshwater systems. The behavior and transport of pollutants in groundwater and surface water systems are emphasized. Computer modeling and simulations are included.
GEOL410 Geographic Info Systems
Prerequisites: computer science competency; junior or senior standing. This is a computer applications course analyzing datasets that have a spatial or geographic component. Course-supplied software integrates database applications, cartographic display, spatial mathematics and analysis, and import-utilities to work with proprietary databases or data retrieved from national repositories. Case studies are developed from the fields of natural resources and environmental management, facility and utility administration, regional planning, commerce and marketing, public health and epidemiology, and other topics of student interest. Local, regional, national, and international projects are explored.
GEOL490 Advanced Topics in Geology
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor. This course provides for study of selected areas of geology not included in regularly offered courses.