Recycle Cycle Program

Recycle Cycle - a Findlay Green Campus Initiative Project

What is Recycle Cycle?

The Recycle Cycle Program is a bicycle purchase program created and maintained through Findlay Green Campus Initiative (FGCI). This program was created as a convenience for students, a way to promote bicycle use as an alternative to driving on campus, and to promote sustainable practices through recycling bicycles, rather than sending them to the landfill.

Student Benefits

  • Students can purchase a used bicycle from UF for $20-$30 (depending on condition), rather than transporting their bicycle from home and helping to keep used bicycles from hitting the landfill.

  • Students also have the option to request storage over the summer of their bicycle through our program, so they don't have to worry about taking it home.
  • If you choose, when you graduate, or no longer need the bicycle, you can donate it back to Recycle Cycle to be recycled to another user, if the bicycle is still in good condition.

Ready to Purchase?

The price of the bikes are as follows:
  • New bike (with lease agreement):

    -   $80 a year (upon return the customer will receive $60)

    -   $50 a semester (upon return the customer will receive $30)

    Used bikes (sold, as-is):

    -   $20-30 (depending on condition)

    *All sales are final, no refunds, returns, or repairs. Bicycles are limited, first come first serve. Bike repairs stand that will be available outside the Recycle Cycle Shop and the air compressor within the shop to fill tires, upon request.

  • Cash & credit card payment options accepted.
    • Please note, there will be a 2.5% processing fee on all credit card transactions.
  • Contact [email protected] to schedule a purchase date/time or schedule online.

Safe Bicycling Practices

  • Always wear a helmet while riding your bicycle (not provided through the Recycle Cycle program).

  • Always ride on the street in the same direction as traffic. Only ride on sidewalks when in the center of campus.

  • Be mindful of pedestrians when riding around campus and keep bicycle speed at a minimum, especially on sidewalks.

  • Always lock your bicycle when unattended to prevent theft.

Questions or to Donate a Bicycle

If you have questions regarding FGCI's Recycle Cycle Program or have a bicycle you would like to donate to the program, please contact [email protected].

*Important Disclaimers: Findlay Green Campus Initiative will not be held liable in the case of lost, stolen, or broken bicycles once bicycles are purchased via the Recycle Cycle Program. Findlay Green Campus Initiative will not be held liable if the bicycle purchaser is injured in any way on the purchased bicycle via the Recycle Cycle Program. Refunds and exchanges are not available through the Recycle Cycle Program. All sales are final.