we're proud of our traditions!​​

Griffith Arch.jpg

The Grandaddy of them All - The march through the Arch

It was described in The Toledo Blade as the "oldest college tradition in northwest Ohio."  Simply put, incoming freshmen walk through the Griffith Arch on the Friday of New Student Orientation weekend and don't walk back through it until graduation.  Pass through the Arch at any other time and (superstition has it) you won't graduate.

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​The Dreaded Dots

It's an academic Bermuda Triangle!  Surrounding the fountain on main campus, are faded, but still discernable, concrete "dots."  Old timers tell tales of unwary students who stepped on a dot and failed their next test.  Studies commissioned at great cost, show a correlation between stepping on dots and failing tests.  The more dots underfoot, the more failures.

Be safe.  Study hard. . . and watch where you walk!



​Homecoming and Family weekend

Sometimes occurring in late September and sometimes in early October, Homecoming and Family Weekend is a tradition that encompasses other traditions like a bonfire, fireworks, golf cart parade, tailgating and class reunions.  

Alumni, parents and siblings of current students and the community are invited to come back to campus and join students, faculty and staff for a steady stream of events from Friday evening through Sunday. This year's Homecoming and Family Weekend​ will be September 26-28. 

Oiler Exp. Wood.jpg

Giving Back - The Oiler Experience

What better way to get to know your classmates during New Student Orientation than by working as a team to benefit the community?  You REALLY get to know someone when they're holding your ladder, getting paint out of your hair, or kneeling next to you while you plant petunias!

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Late Night Munchies Takes the "Bite" Out of Finals!

Your eyes are blurry from reading and your stomach is crying for nourishment.  Yep, it's finals week and time for "Late Night Munchies!"  This Henderson Dining Hall event features great snacks, entertainment and empathy (from fellow finals sufferers!)  Held during finals week in fall and spring semesters. Co-sponsored by the Campus Program Board (CPB) and Sodexo.

Girls Stache.jpg

Orange Out - A Fall Tradition!

"O" stands for October and also for "Orange."  Only appropriate, then, that the UF campus is blanketed with orange during Spirit Week!  It could be orange posters in all the dorm​ windows, an orange breakfast at Henderson, or (our favorite) orange 'staches on everyone (including President Fell and Findlay's mayor!)

Orange Out-Wig.jpg ​

Intl. Dance.jpg


International Night - 46 Years of Sharing Cultures

Back in 1968, UF Professor Raeburn Wallace had an idea.  Why not share the rich cultural diversity of the UF campus with members of the community? International Night was born and has continued to host hundreds of students, staff and community residents each spring.

The attraction?  Samples of international cuisine, posters, videos, displays, one-on-one history lessons and musical and dance performances.  Held in April. . . after the snow and before commencement!



Helping Hands Food Drive - A Tradition That Helps Others!

Helping Hands Food Drive.jpg

In 2013, UF students, faculty and staff collected more than 55,000 pounds of food in 12 hours, breaking the old record of 47,286!


It's early November and those crazy UF "people" are in a frenzy of food collection, bringing in canned goods by pickup truck, wagons and even backpacks!  The Helping Hands Food Drive is a tradition that helps community organizations feed the hungry and helps The University of Findlay students, faculty and staff experience the joy of giving!  What could be better a few weeks before Thanksgiving?

Led by David Harr, director of dining services, the food drive has been a fall tradition since 2006. In 2009-2010, UF ranked first among college campuses nationwide for pounds of food collected.  To date, the University community has donated 150,000 pounds of food to Chopin Hall, a local charitable organization.  

Music Bach's.jpgTGIF - And It's Music Bach's, Too!

Wrap up your week by relaxing in the Alumni Memorial Union with a sandwich from The Cave and listening to the best in live music.  Music Bach's is a concert series that runs throughout the academic year.  Campus Program Board (CPB) books talent from around the community and around the world to present an eclectic selection of musicians and music.  The Music Bach's series is open to the community and it's free. . . well, except for the sandwich!  Scheduled on selected Fridays from 11:30a.m.-1p.m.  

photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/haniamir/4177587720/">Hani Amir

​​Drown a Coach - All in Good Fun, of Course!

Balloon Toss.jpg

​We love our coaches. . . really!  Sometimes it's nice, though, to get a little of that "sweet revenge" for those extra laps and early morning workouts.  Students can douse their "favorite" coach with water balloons at the Fall Sports Rally.  Balloons are sold for a nominal price and proceeds go to the UF United Way Campaign.  Coaches get a bath, students de-stress, and the community benefits!


Getting to Know Each Other!

Everyone will tell you that the best thing to do on Orientation Weekend is to "dive in" and get to know as many of your fellow students as possible.  Feeling a little shy?  Building Oiler Nation is a series of icebreakers involving the entire entering class.  Building Oiler Nation takes the stress out of meeting other students and. . . before you know 

it. . . another best friend is giving you a high five!