Continued accreditation Parameters

The Higher Learning Commission is one of six regional comprehensive accrediting groups that function in the United States to provide institutions, like The University of Findlay, the parameters to do a self-evaluation. To assist the University in this self-study, the Higher Learning Commission has established a recently revised set of five criteria that will guide our evaluative work. We will use the following criteria as the parameters of our self-study in an effort to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the University.  

Criterion 1 - Mission

Is the University’s mission clear, communicated with openness to the public, and does it drive operations and decision-making?  How well do supporting documents of the mission (vision, goals and priorities) flow from the mission? Do Findlay’s planning and budgeting processes inform each other and are they aligned to the mission? In what ways does diversity characterize the institution? How does the University serve the local, regional and international communities?

Criterion 2 – Integrity

Is the University carrying out its mission ethically and responsibly? Does the institution represent itself to all of its constituencies in an open, clear and complete manner in regard to programs, costs, relationships and programs? Do the board, faculty, staff and students have the ability and freedom to carry out their respective functions?

Criterion 3 – Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support

Is the University providing high-quality education, wherever and however its offerings are delivered? Does the institution provide degree programs that are appropriate to higher education?  Are intellectual inquiry and the acquisition, application and integration of broad learning and skills key to University’s educational programs? How does the University provide resources and the appropriate environment for the faculty, staff and students to support learning and effective teaching?

Criterion 4 – Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement  

Is the University engaged in regular evaluation of its programs? Does the institution demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement reflected in assessment of student learning? Is Findlay actively seeking to enhance retention, persistence and the completion rates in all of its programs?

Criterion 5 – Resources and Planning

Is the University managing its resources appropriately to provide current and future educational programs? Does the institution’s leadership have the autonomy and authority necessary to provide effective leadership? Is the institution engaged in systematic and integrated planning?