​Hancock County Graduate Scholarship

As a thank you to our community for its support for more than 136 years, the University of Findlay is pleased to announce ​a new scholarship program for master's degree students who work for Hancock County-based businesses or schools.


The Hancock County Graduate Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship for select master's programs (see below) available to anyone who works for a Hancock County-based business or school. 

The scholarship will be applied over the course of the student's enrollment in the program.  

  • $250 per semester for students taking 3 credit hours
  • $500 per semester for students taking 6 credit hours
  • $1,000 per semester for students taking 9 credit hours 
  • $2,000 total scholarship

Students Must Apply by March 1, 2019, to be eligible for the scholarship.




For Employers:


If you offer tuition assistance to your employees, the $2,000 scholarship savings will be applied to your company/organization, so your tuition assistance dollars can go farther.


About the Programs

Unless otherwise noted, the programs listed below are available both online and in a traditional classroom.

Master's Arts of Education 

  • Total Tuition: $14,335 (includes scholarship) 
  • Complete in as few as 12 months 
  • Emphases available in 8 areas including Human Resource Development and Educational Administration 

Master's of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing (traditional classroom format only) 

  • Total Tuition: $17,080 (includes scholarship) 
  • Evening and summer courses available Ideal for students interested in teaching at a community college or in a high school dual enrollment program, or considering a doctoral program in English. 
  • Graduates of the program are also well positioned for careers in law, museum curation, grant writing and communication. 

Master's of Arts in Professional Communication (online only) 

  • Total Tuition: $13,900 (includes scholarship) 
  • Designed for professionals in public relations, marketing, sales, community relations and non-profits advance their communication skills 
  • Projects from your current job can be incorporated into classwork 

Master's of Arts in TESOL and Linguistics (traditional classroom format only) 

  • Total Tuition: $15,820 (includes scholarship) 
  • Evening and Saturday courses Ideal program for students teaching within public or private P-12 schools, refugee education, adult English language programming. 
  • Graduates are well positioned for careers in international business, law, communications or civil service professions. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

  • Total Tuition: $20,407 (includes scholarship) 
  • Courses offered every eight weeks: 2-year program 
  • Concentrations include: Business Administration, Healthcare Management, CMA, CPA, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, International Business and Operations Management 

Master's of Science in Applied Security and Analytics 

  • Total Tuition: $22,090 (includes scholarship) 2-year program (part-time) or 1-year (full-time) 

  • Prepares graduates for careers in cybersecurity, data science, and predictive analytics. 
  • Classes include Advanced Software Engineering, Data Mining for Decision Making and Statistical Methods for Business Analytics 

Master's of Science in Environmental, Safety and Health Management 

  • Total Tuition: $19,879 (includes scholarship) 

  • Courses offered every 8 weeks: 2-year program 
  • Provides students with the necessary skills to make managerial decisions and provide leadership in environmental, safety and occupational health careers. Classes include OSHA Law and Regulations, Disaster and Emergency Management and Industrial Hygiene 

Master's of Science in Health Informatics 

  • Total Tuition: $23,674 (includes scholarship) 
  • Courses offered every 8 weeks: 2-year program 
  • Prepares individuals for careers in biomedical informatics, pharmacy informatics, and clinical informatics. Five specialty areas including patient safety and health care delivery and public health 

University of Findlay also offers a $2,000 for high school students from Northwest Ohio. So if you have a child who is getting ready to look at colleges, learn more about how affordable a Findlay education can be.


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