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Begin Your Graduate Degree in India. Finish in the United States.​

Th​e University of Findlay is very proud to partner with outstanding companies and individuals throughout the globe to help us make education at Findlay possible for many individuals.  One of these partnerships is with Indo American Studies, based in India, and their director, Mr. Negendra Pulumati. Through thi​s partnership, Indo American Studies and Mr. Pulumati is an e​xclusive partner with Findlay related to the University's efforts to establish 1+1 and additional partnership agreements with hig​h-quality Indian universities. The goal of their efforts is to make a United States degree more affordable and attainable for individuals from India.

Begin your Degree in India

Through this partnership, graduate students in India can take the first year of one of the four graduate programs listed below at a partner university in India, then transfer their credits to the University of Findlay to complete their degree in the United States at Findlay.  This approach helps reduce the cost of the degree, reducing the time students have to take away from their lives in India from two years to just one year and increases the students likelihood of getting their visa.

If the student is not able to get their visa or plans change and they want to stay in India to finish their degree, they can complete their graduate program online - learning from the same faculty they would have if they were on-campus at Findlay.

1+1 Degree Program Options Include:

General Admission Process​ for Students in the 1+1 Programs

  • ​Application for admission for the 1+1 program will be processed by the partner university in association with the University of Findlay, United States in accordance with both university’s admission criteria. 
  • There is no provision for students to discontinue their studies in the middle of the program and select an alternative degree. 
  • All admissions are purely provisional and the University of Findlay reserves the right to cancel the admission at any stage. 
  • There are no application charges or fees prior to enrolling in classes at the University of Findlay​

For more information on how to become a partner university with the University of Findlay and Indo American Studies, or if you are a student and you are interested in enrolling in a 1+1 program for graduate studies, please complete the inquiry form or contact:

Negendra PulumatiNagendra Pulumati
Chairman, Indo American Studies

Cell 9866647712

[email protected]



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