​Finalize Your Admissions File​​

​​One of the best ways to have a smooth enrollment experience is to finalize your admission file.

Finalizing your admission file includes providing some final information and documentation that is required prior to your enrollment. Please take the time t​o review the following list of important information you will need to submit prior to your enrollment. Any questions regarding the submission of the information can be directed to your admissions counselor in the Office of Admissions.

Important Information for Finalizing Your Admission and Enrollment

  1. Create your UFnet account

  2. Pay your enrollment deposit

  3. If you are a transfer student, confirm that your college credits have transferred

  4. Complete and return your Housing sign-up form

  5. Complete and send in all financial aid documentation including:
    1. FASFA
    2. Complete UF's Financial Aid Application
    3. All requested verification documents
    4. All loan applications

  6. Confirm your major – Ideally you will want to confirm your major prior to your summer registration day so that you can be placed with the appropriate faculty advisor who will schedule your courses. Be sure to confirm you major with your admissions counselor prior to registration

  7. Final Official High School Transcript (if you are a first-time freshman)– you will need to submit a final official high school transcript to the Office of Admissions verifying your graduation.​ Or official transcripts from all other universities that you have taken classes at (if you are a transfer student).