Spanish Placement Test​

All students who have taken two or more years of Spanish are strongly encouraged to take the Spanish placement exam. The results of this test help determine the appropriate level course for continued language study.

The UF General Education requirements include three to six semester hours of language / cultural study depending on your program. In addition, a S​panish major or minor is within your reach!  A minor in Spanish is 18 hours and a major is 33 hours.  By demonstrating a sufficient level of proficiency, courses can be waived towards the major or minor.

Notice: you are requested to do Step 1 from home prior to New Student Registration on campus.


Before coming to New Student Registration, take the computerized section online (approx. 20-30 min).

  • Password:  oliers1 (all lower case) 
  • When the screen asks for your ID number, type in your six digit student ID Number.
  • Send an email to Cathy Donovan at letting her know you're finished.

Take the computerized section at least one week prior to New Student Registration. If you cannot take this section before you come to registration, please contact Cathy Donovan at the phone number/e-mail address listed below.

After you have completed the computerized test, e-mail Cathy Donovan at​ to let her know the date you have taken the test.


When you come to campus for New Student Registration, you will take the Listening Comprehension section at approximately 8 a.m. (approx. 20-30 min)

STEP 3: COMPOSITION SECTION (by invitation) 

Your first two scores will determine if you will be asked to write a composition. A time will be scheduled for writing the composition. The three test scores will determine if and how many credits will be waived towards a Spanish major or minor (approx. 20-30 min).


Contact Cathy Donovan 

Administrative Assistant 

Undergraduate Language and Culture 

1-800-957-0942 X 4711