Derrick the Oiler​

Derrick the Oiler is currently attending University of Findlay but has zero intentions of graduating anytime soon because he loves Findlay and all the students!

Derrick is a double major in spirit and pride with a double minor in sports awareness and interpretive dance. In his free time
Derrick likes to dig for oil, help little old ladies cross the street, hangs out with the athletic teams and high-five the Findlay community.

Derrick has lettered in football, basketball, soccer, track, swim, diving, wrestling, baseball, cross country, golf, tennis, equestrian (both English and Western), and interpretive dance...twice! Derrick has a long history of awesomeness and ground-breaking humor. Today, Derrick rules OilerNation with handsome good looks and a charming wit.
Derrick loves being the center of attention and hanging with Findlay fans and students!

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Title: The Official Mascot of University of Findlay
Gender:  Male
Height:  To a 6-year old, Derrick is huge!
Weight:  Let’s just say that Derrick likes to eat and workout.
Arms:  24” Pythons
UF Team Position:  Center (of attention)
Allergies:  Bad sportsmanship
Hometown:  Findlay, OH


Movies:  Mad Max - perhaps the most pro-oil movie ever made!
Show:  UFTV
Songs:  The Findlay Fight Song
Colors:  Orange and Black
Number:  #1 in your heart
Actors:  Sir Sean Connery (we both have awesome beards!)
Sport:  All the UF Sports
Hobbies:  Cheering on the Oilers, dancing, writing poetry, and reading
Books:  “Just Call Me Coach” by Dick Strahm