​​​​​​​Transitioning Your Career

​This blog focuses on helping individuals who are preparing to go back to college or take the next step in their career.

Professional Communication Careers

​​​​Your Guide to Professional Communication Careers​

​​Strong communication is the backbone for success in individual projects, overall company success, and career advancement.

​While communication is a critical business tool in nearly every industry, the need for communication skills development is on the rise, along with the need for professionals in this specialized field.​

Feedback Sandwich

​​​Feedback Strategies: The Pros and Cons of the Sandwich Approach

​​Giving employees effective feedback is a crucial component of any manager's job. It's also difficult. Many business professionals tout the “sandwich approach" or “hamburger method" as a valuable technique for tackling challenging conversations.​

Four Types of MBAs

​Four Types of MBAs for Future Business Leaders

The decision to pursue an MBA degree may be a simple one. Deciding which MBA program can be a difficult choice to make.​

Women in Business

​Glass Ceiling Breakers:

10 Inspirational Women in Business​​​

​The ability for women to build and sustain their own companies is a crucial component for establishing gender equality in the business world. Here are 10 exemplary women who created their own opportunities for financial success.​

Health Informatics Salaries

​Health Informatics Salaries and Job Descriptions​

Health informatics may well be the future of healthcare.

​​​​According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this field are expected to grow 15 percent by 2024. This rate — considered much faster than average — gives an indication of just how important the marriage of medical records and technology has become in the digital age. For those seeking lucrative and rewarding professional opportunities, health informatics offers a multitude of career paths.​

Ace Your Performance Review

​Performance Review Tips:

How to Ace Your Employee Evaluation

​​A good performance review can make all the difference when it comes to advancing in your job. Long touted as a beneficial practice in the workplace, performance reviews offer employees the chance to show off their accomplishments, advocate for pay raises, clarify their professional goals and gain valuable insight into how they can improve as workers. 

Reading Comprehension for the classroom

​Reading Comprehension Strategies for the Classroom​​​

The importance of reading comprehension cannot be overstated. Understanding what we read is a crucial skill, applicable to nearly every area of life. However, it doesn't always come easily. Every day, teachers face the challenge of how to engage reluctant readers and improve their students' understanding of the written word.​​​​

Types of Communication

Conquering the Business Conversation:

An Outline of the Types of Communication​

​​​Effective leaders worldwide communicate their goals and intentions through the means of direct, nonverbal, storytelling, digital and high-stakes communication. And while many leaders differ in strategies and objectives, one skill they often share is that of expressing their goals and intentions through clear, comprehensive communication.​​

Creating Lesson Plans for Gifted Students

Creating Lesson Plans for Advanced Students​​

​Teachers are responsible for providing every student with a challenging education. In the case of gifted learners, however, fulfilling this task can prove difficult. Gifted students demonstrate significant scholastic, creative or leadership abilities above the norms of their age.​

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling Tools for Occupational Training

​Training workers is crucial to the success of any business. Digital storytelling, or the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories, is an occupational training technique that merges a natural human inclination with modern technology. Future business leaders can shepherd their teams toward success with this cutting-edge training technique.

Starting an LLC

How to Start an LLC​

​​​The day a company turns “official" is an exciting milestone for any small business owner. However, getting there can prove confusing for first-time entrepreneurs. For those considering taking their businesses to limited liability company (LLC) status, here are some helpful tips for success.​

Health Informatics Nurse

Informatics Nurse:

A Day in the Life

As technology evolves, health care has the opportunity to improve patient care. Nurses are well-positioned for integrating these advances.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management:

Definition and Career Outlook​

​​​From small companies to worldwide corporations, marketing is a vital element that all businesses need to be successful. ​​

Safety and Environmental Management Careers

Safety and Environmental Management:

A Snapshot of Career Opportunities​​

Since the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 took effect and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) formed, the number of careers available in the field of safety and environmental management has skyrocketed.​​

Seven Reasons to Go back to school image

Seven Reasons to Go Back to School

​​​​​​​​Choosing to return to school is no small decision. Increased time commitments, the responsibility of paying tuition and the innate challenge of working through an academic degree can seem daunting at first. However, evidence suggests that the payoff far outweighs the effort. Below are seven convincing reasons why going back to earn your degree is the right choice.​

Statements that Frustrate Teachers

Seven Statement That Makes Teachers Roll Their Eyes

​Anyone with a career in education knows that a teacher's job is comprised of much more than grading assignments and planning lessons. General misconceptions often overlook the many responsibilities teachers face when not working directly with students.​


SWOT Analysis Example

Make an Impact on Your Company's Bottomline

​​​​​When it comes to making an impact on a business’s employees and profits, it’s critical that a vigilant leader weighs all possible choices and decisions. Through the determination to reap the most profits while thoroughly serving their stakeholders, many business leaders find success in basing their decisions on an examination of their companies’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. ​​​​

Employee Performance Evaluation

The Employee Performance Evaluation:

A Guide for Managers

​Conducting an employee performance evaluation may seem daunting for managers. But successfully completing these assessments is important because they are crucial tools that can lead to increased work productivity, higher employee morale and better company outcomes. ​

What is a CMA

What is a CMA?

​​​Certified management accountants (CMAs) are professionals officially recognized for their capacity to make financial decisions for organizations.​

What is Blended Learning?

What Is Blended Learning?

Today's teachers are tasked with the responsibility of integrating new computer-based tools into their curricula, while effectively educating a generation of students raised in the digital age. ​

Why Become a Teacher

Why Become a Teacher?​

​​According to The Washington Post, the United States is facing a substantial teacher shortage, a reality that emphasizes just how much of an impact the choice to become an educator can make.​